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for When Skies Cry

11/24/2018 c1 2Selena92

But so depressing...*cry* I don't want Rukia to die...
5/15/2009 c1 1StrayDogAndTheMoon
That WAS depressing but enjoyed reading it. Even if there wasn't really any dialogue only in flash backs. Still a good fic! I loved when Renji comforted Byakuya, very sweet.

I love Bya x Ren or Ren x Bya to me top, uke it's all good (though seme Bya is nice but I like to think they take turns). I also love Ren x Rukia (I read Ichi x Ruki and at one point couldn't decide which I liked more, but I know for sure it's Ren x Rukia, I love their history together and I think they make a cute couple). But between Ren x Rukia vs. Bya x Ren I say the latter cuz I'm addicted to yaoi and I love the complexity of Byakuya and Renji's relationship. They just compliment each other. I would be in 7th Heaven if Kubo made this canon. (I'm really doubting he'll cannonize Ren x Rukia especially with the recent EP and he's referred to hear as his little ray or light or Sunshine (Ichigo's)..(I'd be so depressed for Renji if Ichi x Ruki was official eve if I like to read them I feel for Renji-kun)..ok I'll stop rambling on...

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