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for The Dark Side of The Moon

5/20/2009 c13 c
seduce !
5/17/2009 c13 Sami

im... uhh..'c's' friend

she told me bou ur story and its actually really good!

2 things tho...

1. how exactly does this tye into twilight (just wondering)


2. why are you w8ing so long to post them if youve allready writen them..

cnt w8 4 the net chapter!

(and 'c', idk about he snape thing.. we havent hurd enuff of him yet 2no...)
5/17/2009 c13 c
heehee haha snape likes jolie i think hahaha...darn im gonna b in depression this whole week! u must live at a very intense boarding school

u know, u shuld post the whole thing! itd make my life easier haha
5/17/2009 c12 c
ok either her mother died leaving her a baby...or something else...omg shes so strange its wierd! well, i have to say that im suprised and happy that u update so fast-i read my friends other story and she took weeks it was so annoying!-and im also suprisd james and lily and sirius rnt making such a big deal over the kissing incident.

james and jolie r related rnt they? i mean they look so much alike! poor remus oh god

cnt blieve the weekends over already ! ugh update soon!c
5/16/2009 c11 c
o yea i forgot haha...but still! jolies a def shapeshifter...im so addictd to this story its like crack-write the chap soon please im in like withdrawerl( or wateva) right now
5/16/2009 c11 c
wow TOTALLY calld it on the twilight reference!

im hooked, so im hoping u write ur chapters as quick as u did today, cas i reviewd this morning and then came back tonight to find a new chap...will there b another one soon?
5/16/2009 c11 c
5/16/2009 c10 c
better write another chapter girly! im hooked!
5/16/2009 c4 c
um is jolie a werewolf? yes yes i do blieve she is(twilight much? hot skin?)
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