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for The Dark Side of The Moon

7/25/2009 c50 Gia Garcia
Oh my Gosh. This is freaking intense. :| I hate Remus. :| Nakakakaba and nakakainis, Dey. :|
7/24/2009 c60 aje
Congratulations! Job well done!

You made me fall in love with this story, although I'm thinking it was so fast.

But anyway, congrats again and keep us readers grip with your memorable stories. :)
7/23/2009 c60 c
aw!...still fuck u...she died=(
7/23/2009 c58 c
fuck u
7/22/2009 c60 mangafilipina
It was such a bittersweet ending. You wrote the story amazingly well. This is really the first time I've been touched by a Harry Potter fanfic. The writing was amazingly well done, the description was even better, to where it felt like a short movie. Congratulations on a well written story.

7/21/2009 c57 c
no damn it!if u end the story with jolie dying ill kill u!
7/20/2009 c56 c
i dnt reeally like jolies dress all that much...hm
7/20/2009 c56 c
7/19/2009 c55 c
oh no...DONT DIE JOLIE! i swear to god...omg no! glad remus and her r back together=)

severus is gonna try to kill her ...wow idiot
7/18/2009 c53 Nicko De Guzman

I know those death eaters!

That's why Snape left and He did not let Jolie come!

That's the initiation!

7/18/2009 c52 Nicko De Guzman
Why the hell is Jacob there?


Keep on writing!

7/18/2009 c55 Nesh
Hey there:) Iv just spent the entire day reading your story and i think its amazing:D I was truly disappointed that i have to wait for the next chapter! Please update soon... best of luck
7/17/2009 c54 c

cut out the last sentence


do it


mayb u didnt hear me

i said NOW
7/17/2009 c1 15FarSideOfTheRoom
First off, your summary was fantastic. It's definitely an attention-getter, because I don't normally read OC fics, but I was like, okay, this sounds really good; I'll check it out. Secondly, the story is really good. Very well written, and intriguing. I don't tend to come across much marauder stuff, plus, I thought this was going to be an older-Remus fic, so I was pleased to find that it was marauder era. The only logistical problem I have is how the marauders knew the girl is from Durmstrang before she tells them. I suppose they could have stumbled across it somewhere, like in a book or something, but there was no Tri-Wizard Tournament when they were in school. Also, I'm confused as to how she ran away from Durmstrang and made it to Hogwarts without dying in the process, unless she apparated away from Durmstrang to somewhere close to Hogwarts. But I'm assuming you'll cover that in later chapters. Sorry for the ridiculously long review.
7/13/2009 c52 c
u do know that bellatrix doesnt SKIP rite? lol

omg do NOT let remus and jolie fall apart!
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