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for Love At First Sight

5/24/2012 c1 3andysanime
Really good job considering that English is your second language ) though, between you and me I think you did better than quite a few people who have English as their /first/ language ;).
6/24/2009 c1 18yaoilover4lyfe
please continue this story...i can see the story developing much further

i did notice some grammar errors but they can be fixed..

i find it very sweet towards the end...you can still push this story more...

i find it too short...

but it was a very good attempt...

please keep writing...have faith..

i adore this pairing and i'll be soon starting a community for this in , so im trying to get committed, linkxike fans who can write awesome stories about them...because i believe no one would take them seriously...and the whole ikexpit and linkxpit stories are getting overused (even thought i still like them but i find them annoying) so if you want to help me..please message me back

may the force be with you...
5/19/2009 c1 15Second Wolf
I think you need to up the rating a bit (to at least T). After all, if this IS about, um, a gay couple, that pumps the rating up considerably. Also, it seems like you're rushing through the story too fast. Days seem to pass by in sentences, and it can be hard to absorb what's really happening, so try and make these things a bit longer and more detailed. You also seem to be suddenly switching between the perspectives of both Ike and Link. It's okay to switch perspectives, but there has to be something of a warning, like a line separating the parts.
5/14/2009 c1 1Ichininmae
Hi! I really loved this! Sometimes I caught myself saying 'aw!' It was really sweet and an awesome job!

Since you asked about grammers and such: I did notice that you wrote in front as one word, but it shouldn't be one (I've done that mistake too! Darn ;)

And I would really love it (not that you need to it's perfect anyhow) if you maybe would go deeper into it, make it more personal perhapes? Maybe a few more chapters...? (I love Link X Ike can you tell? Haha!)

No but seriously man... or girl, I loved it! And your English is great!

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