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4/7/2018 c17 12creativesm75
very good
10/20/2011 c17 Piratefish
Very very good!

I've read nothing else but this story for a while now, and I must say, it's one of the best on the site! At times hilarious, action-packed and heartwarming. (very much so! Especially Jack's conversation with his mother, and the final ending) and the history! Gotta love the gratuitous amount of history! As someone who hasnt seen the last film of th quartet, it's also canon-compliant, though that may change when I get around to it.

Anyway, eagerly anticipating whatever else you may write!

1/30/2011 c17 65mypiratecat1
And I must admit to have been terribly remiss in reviewing, so shall attempt remedy that.

Of the entire story, I loved this chapter the most... while I was not happy that Jack was left behind by James and Mare, that they joined the Turners was one consolation.

I loved how you wrote Jack's LOYALTY to them in this chapter, in being honest with why things ended up the way that they did, but most of all I loved how you touched on his feelings for the one who had captured his heart long ago... Lysander Anne.

I was just a bit teary eyed throughout this chapter at the presentation of Jack's emotions, which you KNOW I love. Kudos to you for treating him respectfully... a term that we both know would make him grin, impudently!
12/23/2010 c17 50Jennifer Lynn Weston
What a lovely conclusion to the series! While James and Meredith deciding to pass on is bittersweet, you've set up both their personalities to make this decision very logical and psychologically sound. I did love the disk they left for Jack and Lysee (and the touch of future technology involved).

The image of the immediate area around the Fountain looking something like a nudist colony is amusing and kind of fun to think it's a place where operatives can meet informally (double entendre not quite intended)and somewhat socialize.

I like Jack's new partner; I can't help but somehow picture Bruce Lee as Kato...

But you made my year by finally bringing Jack and his perfect match, Lysee together at last AND both Royal and Georgette are still along for the ride, which includes interplanetary travel into an endless future. The two people for whom the taste for life will never flag, or if it ever finally does, they will likely pass together and will have beloved people waiting for them.

Thank you for such a perfect Christmas treat!

- Ladymouse2
12/19/2010 c17 fizben08
That was a perfect ending, brought me to tears in places, but I will really miss James and Mare, and Lysander, and especially Jack. They have been wonderful stories, and I have looked forward to, and enjoyed each and every chapter.

I do hope you will write more about the beloved Captain, and his adventures, but whatever you decide to write about, please let me know when you post, as I adore your style of writing. You manage to give all of the characters such warmth and depth, I almost feel as if I know them personally, they are so well developed. You also do amazing things with plot development, such incredible amounts of research you must do.

I can only add that it has been an absolute pleasure to read your tales, and thank you, so much for sharing them with me and I am sure your many, many fans.

Very best of luck to you, and have a very happy Christmas, and New Year.

12/19/2010 c17 18Harm Marie
This was a wonderful ending.
12/10/2010 c16 50Jennifer Lynn Weston
Okya, the part of me who disagrees the new film(s) will make this AU "obsolete", and can't get enough of these adventures and wants to know if James and Mare will continue to take trips to the fountain, whether Jack and Lysander will be a mated pair, whether they will indeed go on into the future and possibly other worlds (perhaps as Man himself ventures into space), is whimpering.

That said, I can appreciate you don't want to be lagged by the ankle to this series forever, especially with new piratey inspiration IN PERIOD in the offing. Just hoping you haven't grown tired of Captain Jack himself because I'd love to read new works coming out of the new movie if the inspiration strikes.

Meanwhile, pleased to hear there will at least be one more lovely long chapter in this delightful series.

- Ladymouse2
12/10/2010 c16 18Harm Marie
This was fun.
9/22/2010 c15 50Jennifer Lynn Weston
Sorry to be so late posting for this but wanted to say it's a very satisfying addition to the series and what a really novel "trick" to being able to use the Fountain-only Jack would have figured out how to do it on his own!

- ladymouse2
9/12/2010 c15 112geekmama
What a homey, wonderful chapter, full of good things for the future!

"Jack's regard for his daughter was indeed sufficient to prevent his exploiting her. Not that James had thought it very probable..."

I expect Jack would be highly insulted at James thinking there was a chance he'd harm Lysee.

Great chapter! Thank you!
8/16/2010 c14 36meowbooks
Ah, Lysander in the midst of teenage hair experiments. :D It's lovely.
8/14/2010 c13 18Harm Marie
Liked the chapter.
8/13/2010 c13 11sm.bean
The scene of Jack and Georgette attemting to get past old grudges while bonding in a truely piratey fashion is very sweet. The same goes for the way Royal has taken to protect the monkey like she's a member of the family.

My favorite part: 'Jack bit his lip, blinking fast. "Wench, yer takin' most unfair an' unseemly advantage of my semi-inebriated state!" ' -Only true friends can speak to each other in such a manner and not take offense!

The songs were most appropriate.

Another great addition.

8/5/2010 c12 sm.bean
'"Are you decent, Sparrow?"

"I am decent. I also happen to be naked," Jack quoted.' - so grinworthy! Jack's always clever with his words.

'Jack found that last statement puzzling. "An' why would that be?"' As soon as I read this line, I smirked and knew that Jack the Monkey was back.

'"Have you also told her what to expect the first time that beastie strays into a moonbeam?"

"I've passed on that rumor, yes. Lysee is very much looking forward to confirming it."' Yes, of course she does!

The monkey having the same reactions to Jack, as he to her, were my favorite parts of the chapter. The 'furry hellion' always was very human-like in the movies - "...that hellspawn of a primate, grinning demonically as she waved a water flask before his nose. The sloshing sounds mocking the growing torment of his thirst, the cruel amusement of those thrice-damned betrayers, laughing at her antics..." - and very much the pirate.

Jack the Monkey makes the flying monkeys in the Wizard of Oz look like nothing! :)
8/3/2010 c12 18Harm Marie
Liked this. Knew he couldn't be rid of her forever. ^_-
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