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for The lost child

10/16/2019 c7 Sally
Just reading your story...,it is very good! You want suggestions...please do finish.

I suggest...break up Uhura and Spock...you already set the stage in the bathroom scene, and she is not going to be the one who can help him. Trek was and never will be about Uhura and...any of the Big Three. Trek is about the Triad...Kirk...Spock...McCoy.

It will be hard on Spock, but more conflict for your story. Also, it will punch Kirk into manning up, and being there for Spock. I mean, right now, with the loss of Vulcan, the Loss of the Familial bonds, no matter how conflicted some were for him, Spock is suffering from a type of Pysvhological Black Hole. The One person who will be able to reach in and establish a connection that gives Spock a sense of belonging, acceptance, love...is Kirk.

McCoy will likely object to ?Kirk wanting to remold with Spock...this New McCoy is toooooo over protective of Kirk...maybe even a tad jealous and possessive? But Kirk will override him, and McCoy would be there for them both in the end.

Any way, you can do the finale! I am sure of it!

Good luck!
4/18/2016 c7 2Loki Joker Quinn Jr
I can't wate til u start again ;) I love this
4/18/2016 c4 Loki Joker Quinn Jr
Me nether. Degrees celcius is what I use (*c)
1/6/2013 c7 88Book girl fan
It's been a few years since you last tried to write this. Not to pressure you, but condo you think about getting back to it? This is a very interesting story, and though I know how hard it can be to keep writing when the inspiration is lost, sometimes taking a break can help. I don't know anything about depression, fortunately, so I can't offer advice on where to go next. I would, however, be perfectly happy to listen to any ideas you may have about it.

Hoping you will continue soon,

Book Girl Fan
8/17/2012 c7 kitkat7sherlock
great story so far, but still no progress...?
it sounds to me like it's pretty close to a conclusion, I think one more chapter could have finished it, but it would be hard to start writing so long after you last updated! :)
(if you are going to try and finish it, try re-reading it, or maybe brainstorming ideas)
12/2/2009 c7 Junesun

Your A-Levels are over now, aren't they? So how'bout you update this story again, PLEASE?

Re-read it and you'll find your flow again. In my opinion, we should now see the crew somehow convincing Spock that they accept him - and did you mean to give us a reason why he reacted in such an extreme way?

I'm subscribed to this story and I really hope to find an update in my inbox soon!


11/17/2009 c7 aruja
this really is/was a lovely story, it's quite sad that you've lost your way with it...

though... one minor irritating bit. It's marked completed. I search by completeds just so I don't end up reading stalled stories or WIPs. it really throws people off when you mark a story as something that it is not...
11/13/2009 c6 2Jan-AQ
Yeah.. there's not much logic in this, but Bones did a good job trying to search it out.
11/13/2009 c5 Jan-AQ
great chapter. Kirk is so lost. Part of me hopes that Spock heard all of that - it would go a long way to making him realize how much Jim cares for him.
11/13/2009 c4 Jan-AQ
Wwow. That was way too high. I think that the temperature was right for a Vulcan though. It depends on whether the heat was dry or not, I'm guessing it was dry so he could withstand higher temperatures when they are dry. Hope he's not too cooked! Great emotions in this chapter.
11/13/2009 c3 Jan-AQ
Wow. WHat an emotional mess for all involved. Great writing!
11/13/2009 c2 Jan-AQ
Wow. Fabulous chapter. Poor Spock! poor, poor guy. I'm so glad that Kirk got it out of him, and that he is resolved to try to make things right. Great job on this story so far!
11/13/2009 c1 Jan-AQ
oh, what a lovely start. Great introduction to the story!
8/11/2009 c7 xdeletedxaccountx
Really great - plz continue this!

You could do more insight into Spock's mind and Jims guilt for pushing him.

Just an idea thought!


8/5/2009 c7 PEROXIDE
Just a thought. SOmetimes when I am stuck I think, "whta is the next big thing I want to happen?" then i just write to make that happena adn see how to get there. I think Uhura needs to minde meld with Spock. That way a little pressure is taken off of kirk for having to bear it all. Also kirk needs to tell Spock that he told her. That way he is confronted and then there is a reason for the meld between uhura and Spock. Just jumping off points to consider.

Have fun.

Be Seein' Ya

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