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10/10/2013 c1 Inferna Blossom
... Holy... Wow. Ok, that...was amazing. I like it so much, and it fits well. It wasn't too hard to discern which lines were Alice which were Hatter either. I liked it a lot. My best wishes to the potential couple's future.
5/29/2011 c1 21I'Like'Cheetos
You, my friend, are exquiset. The sheer and simple beauty you describe is so... enduring and lovely, I just adored it. I practically devouared it, it was so completely and utterly entrancing in every which way. The cadence and power within your words intrigue me to no end, and I am just at a loss of words. You have a breathtaking talent that anyone would kill to have. You truned a horror game into a bittersweet romance, and I have yet to see anyone express it as well as you. Beautiful, my love, simply beautiful. ^_^ - I.L.C
10/19/2009 c1 James Birdsong
5/24/2009 c1 11coconut994777


Increibley geniusly written.

Almost a monologue, ^_^.

Lovely emotion.

OMG this amazing for being written at 2 in the morning, etc,etc, ^_^
5/24/2009 c1 29NiceAsPie
Wow. That was great. Very powerful, very sad.
5/16/2009 c1 highland girl 1592
This was so beautiful and sad.

The way you captured them throughout

their reincarnations...was just amazing.:D

I really love the song,Both Sides Now,the versions

by Judy Collins and Neil Diamond are my favorites.:)

Maybe you could write another poem/songfic about

Alice and Jervis,using the song,The Windmills Of Your Mind,

by Dusty Springfield? Judging from the lyrics,

I think that it'll be from Jervis's pov.:)

I really really loved this poem!:D

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