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7/14/2019 c4 DaughterNile
Oooh so 's really interesting to see where this could head. Please uppdate
8/7/2015 c4 3Jinma
Please update!
4/19/2015 c4 Mirage
thats really not nice...she trys to help, has no gun powder on her Hands but is treated like a suspect...Gibbs was really out of line and Tim way to angry...sure Sesshomaru was not nice buthe was right...and to be angry at her for her friends is wrong, poor Girl...the Team is sometimes like a Group of Kids...when they dont get what they want they become angry and kick around them...hope Sesshomaru teaches them a lesson or two and put them in place again...i mean i líke gibbs and tim but sometimes they all Need a good slap!
and abby Needs to pay her her Dress...to agai destroy somebody else clothing without care...she could have pressed out some of the fresh blood and given it back for a washing ssloon to clean...sure ist only a light summer Dress but what when it worth hundrets of Dollar...
and who was the demon, did he know her...i mean he was surprised to see her and did not attack her, so maybe ist a friend and the marine did deserve to die?

i really do hope that you will come back one day and finish your story
4/3/2015 c4 1Trinabear
Ha ha! So funny! As if anyone can outstare Gibbs! As I was reading this fanfic, I felt that this could be an episode from the tv show. I believe that you have gotten the characters just right. Now you just need to continue this great story (pretty please!) and throw in a crazy mixed-up romance for Kagome (perhaps McGee with Tony trying to compete for attentions sake, ha ha!) and everybody will be good to go! Even though it has been several years since you have updated I still just want to say thank you for writing this wonderful storyline. Thanks!
9/11/2014 c3 rspringb
i love it
2/11/2014 c4 13tangune
keep writing
2/10/2014 c3 tangune
keep on writing. its a good adventure story.
2/7/2014 c4 1serenityselena
a really interesting story...
hope you will continue it :)
12/13/2013 c4 58WolfWinks
This story is so good, your an amazing writer please continue this story PLEASE!
11/24/2013 c4 3Waywardneko
This is very, very good, too bad you haven't updated it in awhile...
9/1/2013 c4 YunaNeko
Love It! Can't Wait For The Next Chapter! UPDATE SOON! GOOD LUCK!:D
5/18/2013 c4 4SpiritoftheOrchidFlower
I know it has been years since you have updated, but if you are still interested in getting a betta for this story if you were going to continue, just let me know!
12/26/2012 c3 5Blackmoon OniOokami
I reaaaaaally wish to know why you haven't continued this story :( I've waited since its been posted for it to update and nothing since. I understand reality and life, possibly technical or writing block issues, but I'd like to see this continued. It has a good flair of emotions that can be inserted to its readers.
Just wanted to see what you've been up to about it. Have a nice day!
9/3/2012 c4 ashbfajkc
Okay. You cannot just leave me hanging like that. I don't care if it's been three years! UPDATE! D:
7/21/2012 c4 SweetHunniiBunnii
Lovely lovely work! :D
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