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1/25/2013 c2 2Xtraitor
Oh Hughes. If only you knew that your future kid already existed.

Italian, huh? Is it hard. I take German (and my teacher's from Russia) and today was probably one of the strangest days ever. We started talking about David Hasselhoff and E.T.! It was so weird.
9/21/2009 c2 crushcrushneevy
not bothered signing in to review

nice chapter amy, kinda short but w/e

lol - Hughes roommate :)
5/20/2009 c1 1Shadow Stalker7
hahaha, loved the chapter. i cant wait to read more of it.

~Shadow Stalker~
5/18/2009 c1 Spirits.Dawn
Hah! imagine Edward actually going to school, and finding his worst enemy trying to be friends with him! I would have died from shock! great story!..hey im the first to review? COOL~!

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