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for I'll Always be There for You

6/13/2011 c8 2Reader Guy
great story.
10/21/2009 c8 16DetectiveConanFan13
OMG! I love this! I hope Conan can turn into Jimmy though. I feel sorry for him that he has to be Conan forever.
7/12/2009 c8 4Digeridoodler
Return of the (more emotional) man hug! o []o
7/12/2009 c5 Digeridoodler
*snorts* Tee hee... man hug...
7/12/2009 c1 Digeridoodler
Om nom nom :U I love ghost stories! I love YOUR stories! Off to the community again! X3
6/19/2009 c8 7Popperlolli
Whee a new chapter~~

Twas sad D: But I much enjoyed it~ :D

Ooh a chibi Heiji? -goes to see it-
6/19/2009 c8 52mangaluva
That's so sad! What a dilemma for poor Jimmy... T_T

6/18/2009 c8 DaGras

That picture was cute btw!
6/8/2009 c7 7Popperlolli
Yay for updates~ !

Ooh Gin did it this time? :o (or is at least suspected)

Perhaps his organization is finally caught by the police XD

He'll be so mad if he was innocent XD
6/8/2009 c7 52mangaluva
It's GIN! I totally screamed when I saw that bit. BTW, Is there anyone who DOESN'T know who Conan is now? XD really funny chapter again, though. Conan's going physical... which means SO many extra dimensions of trouble for anyone he decideds to haunt... like GIN! GIVE THE BASTARD A HEART ATTACK! DO A KAYAKO SAEKI AND SNAP HIS NECK!

*mental image of lickle Conan hugging Ran* that image just gave me the warm squealies. :) Kawai!
6/7/2009 c7 Thisaccountisnowinactive2
Oh, I'm really love your writing! Update soon!
6/7/2009 c6 Thisaccountisnowinactive2
Lol, Richard, Harley and Conan got drunk.

Richard woke up. He was too drunk to notice that there was a ghost—spirit—in the room.

“Mr. Moore, join the party!” Conan said cheerfully.

“Don’t mind if I do!” Richard was glad to see that Rachel wasn’t there. “Say…aren’t you a bit young to be drinking?”

“Who cares? I’m dead anyways!”

“You’ve got a point there.”

LOL, That's was so funny!
6/7/2009 c5 Thisaccountisnowinactive2
It's looks like Conan got his own ghost-er, I mean spirit hideout LOL.
6/7/2009 c7 DaGras
lol when did I grow male body parts?


Im female fyi.

No need to mention me, Im merely a reader who likes to draw :P
6/3/2009 c6 8RoraNeko
"Now excuse me, I've got a man to haunt" ...is a line which is typically funny by itself, but rather hilarious when spoken by a ghost Conan.

"Then..." "blah blah blah blah" as her date was explained in great detail? I love it. You have great quotes!

To tell you the truth, I thought that from the the title "Happiness is a Drunken Idiot" Ran or somebody would get hit by a drunken driver or somthing and become a ghost herself so she and Shinichi would live happily ever after. o.O but there's still more to go apparently. And yes, Mouri Kogoro IS a drunken idiot.
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