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2/20 c33 Waywardscots
I loved this story, apologies there appears to be two reviews but I had download the app to sign in for some reason, but I just wished to convey how much I loved this story- the relationship between Kirk and Spock seemed just as I would envisage it to be. I am guessing since it was published in 2009 there will be no further elaboration on chapter 33, but I am so here for it if there is.
2/20 c33 Waywardscots
Love love love this story- did anything beyond chapter 33 ever get published? Sorry just found it in 2021. Just encapsulates so much of K/S as I would envisage.
2/2 c33 ForksintheRoad
Really enjoyed this as a binge read over a rainy couple of days. Looks like you aren’t updating, but I think the story ends at a good place. Thanks for sharing!
12/19/2020 c33 greenfizzpops
I hope that Lanaea is alive and well and thriving despite covid-19 and one day comes back to finish this amazingly good work. Cos in my head I want confirmation that:
Spock tells Jim the story of how he got that bruise and it is emotionally satisfying. Jim is successful in convincing Starfleet command to **** on off and trust his judgement even if he is young. Sulu and Chekov come back from the Nelson in one piece. T'Pau performs the marriage ceremony. Nyoto is finally convinced that Jim is good for Spock. There is at least one really detailed sex scene with the bond active. The prewarp aliens the klingons messed with get a new planet to live on instead of their nuclear radiated one. Old Spock and Sarek look after each other.
7/28/2020 c33 Kristen Anne1
Here I am, 2020 and coming back to read this 11 year old unfinished fanfiction for the 3rd time. Still a good story despite being incomplete. Doubting it’ll ever be finished but I still love it.
5/21/2020 c33 Owyheewinds
See, I don't know what you mean about this story chapter not being up to standard, because I was totally captivated and involved in it. I like how you keep the reader informed with the between scenes, I'm sure you have Noticed sometimes that writers forget to tell us how characters get from one location to another scene and headspace. I enjoyed how Jim ends up in sick bay after processing that maybe his better outlet for frustration is to go box with the bag; his reticence and fidgeting while Bones works, until he dozes off...totally recognizable and realistic. The detail is correct, deft and all helps to move the story along organically. I totally believe the world in which I'm living with the characters and action. I like the part where you have Jim, noting in an aside, all the masterful employment of Starfleet terminology, regulations, and sub parts thereof cited in support of the Nelson's mission report. It reminded me of my husband observing out loud to me, in his private medical practice, how it takes years to learn and apply all the language and terminology. (What is one of so many interesting things about practicing clinical medicine, is that using that terminology allows a very precise description of a problem, for example an infected appendix, using clinical diagnosis techniques. He could describe where and how the patient's appendix was lying, what it might be touching and also affecting; everything a surgeon needs to know, without needing to take X-rays. A good clinician saves time, money, and adds years of good life to their patients. But anyway,you make the reader very comfortable and firmly rooted in the characters' reality; it's absolutely delightful.
5/14/2020 c26 Owyheewinds
Wow! You could work work up to writing commercially, from graphic novels to novels! Don't stop! I found I was drawn so deeply into this chapter, I had tightened several muscle groups in response to the tension and action!
5/13/2020 c23 Owyheewinds
Wow...Spock really mastered himself, had an epiphany. The best, maturing person's outcome. Very real life between intelligent beings that are able to open up and examine themselves
5/12/2020 c21 Owyheewinds
"...Bones' hand running something blinky over him" Perfect!
5/10/2020 c19 Owyheewinds
"...crashing around...like a runaway bus" Perfect!
5/10/2020 c17 Owyheewinds
Again, well done. I believe.
5/10/2020 c16 Owyheewinds
Breathy exhalation...Well done, Author!
5/10/2020 c15 Owyheewinds
Very well done!
5/9/2020 c14 Owyheewinds
Masterful grasp on the separate characters and how they interact, spark off each other. I totally believe!
5/9/2020 c11 Owyheewinds
This chapter made sense for me, I wondered if there was an upshot to all the drinking, flinging, and Jim's personal physiology...and you did it all quite nicely, and within our 2009 arcing in Jim's personality
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