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for The Oz/Anya correspondence

11/10/2002 c2 3gyver21

1/5/2002 c1 ordinaryguy2
Funny. It's definitely Anya's style and tact. I kept imagining Oz's reactions as he read each revelation in the letter. Hope he writes back.
12/23/2001 c2 2Bwit
wow..that was really good!
12/22/2001 c2 25CrystalxxDreams
Oh, cool. Anya and Oz never got a chance to do something like that, and it's to bad. I liked your fic, very on charecter. ***** out of *****.
12/22/2001 c2 Bolo
Very good I didnt like the Sheep comments but I'll let that by for now. It'd be good to see how Xander and Gunn get along or even Oz and Gunn.
12/22/2001 c2 22Rachelle Ryan
These were really good. I enjoyed the way that you did a sort of crossover with Kung Fu: Legend Continues there. I could really see Oz and Peter getting along. I hope you writ some more of these letters because I can actually see Oz and Anya getting along even if he doesn't go to the wedding.
12/22/2001 c2 11Writrzblok
There are plenty of characters who haven't corresponded. And the interjection of Peter Cain from "Kung Fu: The Legend continues" is good. I think that was a good series.

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