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12/17/2009 c1 Happiness Is Irrational
Very funny and nice. Good attempts to capturing Bones' opinions and character. However, I must admit that she'd never make it so obvious that she likes Booth (which should be with a capital, really), and that she'd never use all capitals and multiple exclamation marks.
11/12/2009 c6 3Greytune
So... many... wrong... things...


Sorry, that's supposed to be Mac 'n' Cheese.

"12. DO YOU THINK YOU ARE STRONG? No. I am a good counter though."

While he said that once, he also told Cam that he is "*insert scientific word I cannot spell* strong"

"26. FAVORITE SPORTS TO WATCH? I do not enjoy sports."

Zack loves basketball. Come on, he said so in season one!

"28. EYE COLOR? Blue."

No. Just... no. His eyes are brown. VERY brown. It's the first thing you notice on him.

"39. WHAT BOOK(s) ARE YOU READING NOW? A comic book from the “Loony Bin” library."

Zack does not enjoy reading comic books. He said so once.

I will not point out the grammatical mistakes, as that would take WAY too long. I'm sorry, I really do enjoy this fic, but I just can't stand so many mistakes.
10/27/2009 c15 1anonymous.individual
loved the first part with the questions - absolutely hilarious. :)
10/10/2009 c15 BZ
That means no baby Zack? Whatever happend with the broken condom? It just magically worked or what?

8/29/2009 c15 bonezfreak
hahah i love this story its soo funny w/ bones face that cracks me uo and i love how people show up inexpectedly hahah!good job keep it up
8/12/2009 c15 1deleteaccount8497
Hahahaha this made me laugh so hard!
8/7/2009 c15 2bonesgrl18
OMG I am laughing so hard that was the funniest thing I have ever ead keep going with it Its hilarious
8/6/2009 c15 131NCISgirl1527
Um I loved the first thirteen and a half chapters but if was me i think i would have just droped to whole baby plot. Then again i didn't like what they were doing with it in the show...

What ever. it it was a brillant story
8/6/2009 c4 NCISgirl1527
Ok that was so Cam. This is going on my favorite story list
8/5/2009 c15 1catastrophe's muse
8/5/2009 c10 catastrophe's muse
THIS MADE ME LAUGH NON STOP! You can just ask my brother! I love this idea! And it's executed wonderfully! SO funny! Best chatroom fic ever!
8/5/2009 c15 14irishleesh93
great story i loved reading it

oh Angela that sneaky artist lol
8/5/2009 c15 Luv it
Yay! You took my ending! At least I think lol... PLEASE DO A SEQUEL!Sorry...a bit random :4{} lol:) I luv the face :4{}
8/5/2009 c15 1Chocopie09
omg please dont stop this fic!
8/5/2009 c15 xxbonesxx
OMG that was hilarious. i luv brennan's face! and angela! lol! she was like spazzing.

FBIGuy05: did you know she was here?

BonesDoc05: no.
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