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6/1/2018 c3 12creativesm75
6/17/2009 c2 36meowbooks
I apologize for neglecting to review. I've read this at least twice. This skillfully balanced Norrington's concern while providing exposition in an engaging manner. Murphy's people remind me of Doctor Who especially one quote from the Tenth Doctor: "Because that's how I see the universe. Every waking second, I can see what is, what was... what could be, what must not. That's the burden of the Time Lord."

You've brought everyone to life so brilliantly. :D
5/28/2009 c3 50Jennifer Lynn Weston
I'm whimpering that this is the last of only three. Yes, I know, I'm greedy. Pirate!

But I do love how you've framed each vignette so characteristically for each of them as well as filling out a little more of each backstory.

So glad to see you flesh out the story of Jack's short marriage to the native girl. So tender without being mawkish. Jack didn't love her and didn't come to love her either, he was fulfilling an obligation but with kindness. What he remembered tenderly was her sweetness and his regret she'd not been handed a better deal in life.

That's plenty reason for him to cherish that shawl.

I like that he was not only willing to beard Murphy for it, nut he'd not been so blinded by sentiment that he didn't carefully consider that he COULD take the shawl with pretty high safety factor, that it would have rotted at the bottom of the ocean and wouldn't be missed. I'm glad the mission allowed him to go back and save what he'd originally had to leave.

You bring in the monstrous clear examples of the cruelty and arrogance of the class distinctions of the era, with the people in steerage, kept from the boats until their "betters" had had first chance. That aspect of the tragedy had too long been conveniently swept aside.

And the interaction between Jack and his rescued Indian maid is pitch perfect.

- ladymouse2
5/28/2009 c2 Jennifer Lynn Weston
I like that Quaker James is the one to tackle questions of this kind with Murphy. Not only is it in character especially as you have developed him in these future stories, and in character for the man at the end of CotBP before the improbable transformations of the sequels, it's a really expert way to explain your science fiction elements and the always knotty paradoxes of time travel stories without it becoming long stretches of dead stop exposition. You weave James' moral concerns and Murphy's frankness through very deftly.

- ladymouse2

Norrington strikes me as the Thinking sort- a characteristic with advantages (he seeks to understand things) and disadvantages (this seeking sometimes makes him unhappy.)

Meredith and Jack are also very intelligent, but in different ways. Mare has a more pragmatic outlook: 'If it works, that's what matters.' And Jack, of course, would rather skip over to the fun parts.

Thanx for the R&R.
5/27/2009 c3 38Florencia7
Beautiful chapter. Beautiful story! Your writing is mesmerizing.
5/26/2009 c3 51orpsgod
Very nicely done. Probably more than I should in my stories I have James shed a tear, but I had never considered the same for Jack, he being he and all, but you did and it rang true to me. Thank you so much for this story. I do hope you have more in store! :)
5/22/2009 c2 38Florencia7
Great chapter! This is such a unique way to look at the history... You bring together so many worlds... It's amazing to read.
5/21/2009 c1 50Jennifer Lynn Weston
Took me awhile to stop bouncing long enough to type this. *GLE*

You are continuing it, ..er, ahem, where was I?

I like that were are beginning to get Mare's backstory in an oblique, piecemeal way. The stories about the "ghost" and her dry references to what really happened are an excellent way to get the exposition in there while still moving the story along.

Looking forward to more!

- ladymouse2
5/21/2009 c2 10royalpinkdogs
I knew it! You're a Trekker! I missed the first hour of my 9th grade prom to stay home and watch Star Trek, since in 1968 a VCR was unheard-of. I met all of TOS cast, and became a scienctist because of Leonard McCoy. I heartily endorse the new Star Trek, because it gives us an entirely new story line we can develop.

GEE-Ya think maybe Gene Roddenberry found the Fountain of Youth too?
5/21/2009 c2 51orpsgod
Thought provoking and interesting. Looking forward to Jack now. :)
5/20/2009 c1 10royalpinkdogs
yet again-you weave a magic world into which I gladly disappear for a moment. Too Marvelous.
5/20/2009 c1 38Florencia7
That was fantastic! I can't wait to read more!

(I know I should've probably started by reading your earlier stories, but I hope it's OK if I start with following this one while trying to catch up with the previous ones :)
5/20/2009 c1 51orpsgod
Very interesting addition you have written here. Can hardly wait to read James and Jack's! :)
5/20/2009 c1 36meowbooks
"Dramatic embellishment." :D

I wonder what would happen if all those people we tell stories about ever came back. I especially like your take on a story taking a life of it's own. Oh, and "Lysee"? Aw...

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