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for Another Night With You

4/25/2016 c8 43AxCfangirl
I enjoyed reading this and I'm sad you stopped updating. I really wish you continued it... But still, thank you for sharing it.
I like Athrun and Cagalli becoming enemies from friends (sort of). And I really love Cagalli and Kira being close and getting Athrun jealous :D
I can't stop wondering what was going to happen next. I suppose Lacus will develop feelings for Kira, which probably results in revealing Cagalli and Kira aren't in a relationship. And Athrun will feel relieved, I bet.
My instinct also tells me that probably Azrael will become their mutual enemy and ZAFT and Orb will work together. But it's only my imagination.
Anyway, thank you again for posting this fic.
6/7/2014 c8 natasha calli
Can you please get Athrun and Cagalli on a date. I know you haven't updated in a while but it would be awesome to see where thia story goes.
12/21/2013 c8 5Lenora Jime
owwhh , this's great , really. I love it :)
and l like the song you use in this story in previous chapters , dirty little secret isnt it?
let athrun think kira as cagalli boyfriend little more , until he realize his own feeling ..hehhe :)
and food fighting , thats hilarious how cagalli and kira started that..hahha :D
I hope you dont put patrick zala as villain ,I cant bear to see athrun down like in gundam seed. and it really bother me , how could a father shoot his own son.
oh well , I hope you will be continued this 's really great story you know !
thanks for this story anyway and sorry about my english here , l'm not good at it :)

see ya next chapter :)
7/7/2013 c8 5pansy25
This is really good! I wouldn't be surprise if there's another clan trying to instigate a war between orb and zaft. I hope there are more asucaga moments where Athrun gets jealous. Oh yeah, is shinn also in this fic? I hope you would update soon, I like your fix very much...
7/28/2012 c5 2UraharaX
Lovely story, your story sort of gave me an idea for my own Gundam Seed one, it's not exactly like yours, just using the same Athrun/Cagalli hating each other. If I post one, hope you look into it.
7/5/2012 c8 Guest
Please continue! :D
6/2/2012 c8 29Fate Camiswhil
yes, it's worth writing because I'm still reading this! XD

so Kira, Cagalli and Stella are siblings? interesting...X3

I wonder who Kira and Cagalli's master is?

LOL! food fight! I've always wanted to experience that...XD but I've been too scared of punishments afterwards :P

wow, Kira was so cool! ftw! hmm, I guess this is where Lacus is gonna start falling...XD so excited for them too! teeheehee...X3

so, Kira and Athrun are having a staring contest... while Cagalli's still around, checking on Meyrin and Luna?

well, anyway... this was great!

update soon!

and I'll see yah then! :D
6/2/2012 c7 Fate Camiswhil
How the hell did I not notice that you updated last time? my bad...XD

so, it was Kira who attacked her, I did not think of that possibility at all! XD but that was cool :D

so, Athrun's the first one to notice his own feelings, huh? cute...XD yes! I love a jealous Athrun! XD

ahahahahahaha...XD they think they confirmed that Kira's her boyfriend...XD

this is such a fun fic! very original and awesome! loving every bit of it! :D
6/2/2012 c9 anon
Oh, and by the way, just for future reference, Yzak's name is spelled Yzak. _ You can find him on gundamofficial worlds/ce/seed/characters/chara_yzak . html

C: and yes, GundamOfficial is the official Gundam website, and for all gundam shows, too, not just GS _
6/2/2012 c9 anon
I only just found this story, and I really like it! Please continue

By the way, why does chapter 9 look a lot like chapter 8?
5/27/2012 c8 analis17
Ok for the record I just found your story and think that it's great - great premise, great characterizations and I'm loving the plot. I see that it hasn't been updated since July last year so if nothing else I wanted to say "KEEP WRITING!...(if you want to)." Seriously I'd love to read more, and thanks for posting this - it takes a lot of guts to put your hard work up for everyone to see even if they don't know your name.

Thanks again!

8/29/2011 c8 WritingKnightmare
Wow... Two of the most epic ideas you can possibly have. Free Running and Ninjas. I mean, tha just screams awesome. The story is really well done with minimal mistakes. Also the new character POV stuff is cool.

There is one thing that is bothering me though. It's how you are spelling Yzac's name. As far as I know, it's spelt without a "k". but that's just me.

Looking foreward to the next update!

8/2/2011 c6 Fate Camiswhil
I love this! hahaha...XD

I like how you got them to hate each other but have something going on...^^

also, there's Kira being all boyishly charming! Love him!

make Athrun more jealous! hahaha, he's so cute like that...^^

please update soon!

I promise to review for every chapter beginning now!

good luck and God bless!

7/31/2011 c8 9Xx Meisha xX
Kira to the rescue!

Back in chapter 6 (I think it was 6?) I thought the guy who initially attacked Cagalli was Kira, but then I thought it couldn't have been because that guy tried to kill her. But, of course, it was actually Kira.

The idea of using Stellar as Cagalli's twin was clever. I thought her eyes were purple though? Eh, basically not amber, haha

How did Kira know Lacus was in trouble? Or did he just come across them incidentally? And then Cagalli followed him?

I'm glad they were the ones who came to Lacus' rescue and not the ZAFT gang.

The food fight was probably my favorite scene. Especially when Yzak got hit. That was a sign everyone was doomed.


Thanks for the update!
7/31/2011 c6 Xx Meisha xX
Kiraaaaaaaa's back!

First, I guess there's going to be some major tension between Meyrin and Cagalli! That'll be fun to read ;D

I like how Lacus keeps bashing Yzak.

It seems like Athrun's having conflicting thoughts about his duty to the clan and his growing feelings towards Cagalli. Hopefully Lacus will be able to alleviate some of that stress.

And I'm slightly surprised that Athrun didn't feel a bit jealous at Kira's appearance. ;O
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