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for Of Second Chances and Fairy Tale Endings

5/23/2009 c1 77Winter-Rae
Hey there!

Sorry it took me so long to get back to you on this! My week has been so crazy!

Anyway, moving on!

Thank you so much first of all for writing this for me! That's so nice of you! *hugs*

I know what you mean when it comes to writers block, so no worries.

I really liked it. Reading it was such a joy and it was totally what I had hoped for. You wrote it very well.

I really liked how it started with them playing football, very cute! And the interaction between them was lovely!

The last few scenes had me all giddy..lol. Once again, thank you so much! I loved it!

Keep up the good work and good luck to you in all of your writings!

Much love and cheers!

Winter-Rae xoxo
5/21/2009 c1 11captain ty
I thought this was a really sweet story and well written. Hey sometimes that is what you need to read to make your day. Well done.

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