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for Regrets of Evil

11/18/2012 c5 Kagamine KurapikaCHU
wasn't len beheaded...?
1/27/2012 c10 3sm8430328
Oh, wow. That was pretty well-done. I love how you ended it - they're forgiven, but still have to kind of suffer. But new beginnings are fun.

Only thing is that the thing with Neru and Nero felt a bit just stuck in there. I like how you ended Rin's relationship with them, but you could've developed it more throughout the course of a couple extra chapters. Show us exactly how Nero fell for Rin, and how Neru was still indecisive. The same could be said about Len and Miku. But I honestly do love how you portrayed Len and Rin. Their relationship was just beautiful.

And the song was amazing, too. Did you write that yourself? It was a deep piece of work, and stirred up my emotions quite a bit! Lazuli, lazuli...

Anyways, excellent story overall. I can tell you put work into concieving the plot bunny. I never would have come up with something as awesome as that myself!

/ /Novaki/ /
12/22/2011 c10 5Chazzyheartslexi
Omg! This was soooo perfect! ; .; u are an awesome author! First I read an amazing spamano story by you, and now this? You rock! X3 It was so hard for me not to cry while reading this! Len! Poor Len! I loved how this all played out and how you added your own ideas to the story such as neru and nero. The song she sang at the pool of water seems so beautiful! You added the magic back to the evil series for me! This was just perfect! 3 I loved it do much!
6/9/2011 c10 xx-Yuu-Chan-xx
OMG I love this it's the best story of evil I've read grat job
11/19/2010 c1 14akatsukigirl112
*grins* I like this it's cool, and twisted at the same time...I'm sort of in to things like that.
6/18/2010 c10 3VocaTouhou
Awesome story, nice work! I really enjoyed it.
12/28/2009 c9 10Keys2theKingdom
For some reason, I think 'Oh, that's right...I died...' is a funny line... I'm a horrible person! D:
10/8/2009 c10 6Weinerdog of Death and Doom
This made me choke up. I especially liked the addition with Neru and Nero. My teacher's lecture is being boring at me so I decided to read fanfiction and wow. 3 This makes me squee. Well written, nearly made me burst into tears, 90/5! (My math is win). I didn't notice any typos at all, too!

Once more, this was awesome sauce.

6/25/2009 c1 27Ice Cream Queen Zshi
Oh, I see. Good work on originality.
6/24/2009 c10 7weaverofstars
I loved it! After watching the videos, I was hoping for someone to have told the whole story. I only wish you had included the ideas that Miku, Kaito, and Meiko's 'sequel' songs give, but I know those songs aren't as well known.

Still, keep writing!

6/24/2009 c7 27Ice Cream Queen Zshi
I thought this story looked familiar. This is from the songs 'Daughter of Evil' and 'Servant of Evil'. Only, in the song, he was beheaded...not hanged.
6/22/2009 c10 5Darkhellia
I absolutely love this story! It fits the songs perfectly. Nice work!
6/2/2009 c8 15Daughter of Romanov
Love it!You are an excellent author!
5/28/2009 c7 15MeganekkoTenshi
...They died...Right after confessing...Dramatic aint it? But I doubt even if Nero did come back to life, Rin would still not love him. Cause Len is her(maybe) one true love!
5/28/2009 c6 MeganekkoTenshi
nero is cute, but Len is way better!Len foreva!
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