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for A Tale of Blackmail and Courtship

3/1/2019 c1 Neano
I really love this story. It actually adds some much-needed depth to their relationship and how it developed. Great job
10/25/2018 c1 Truckee Gal
You have brought us along on their first official date, which Lee charmingly (gallantly?) calls courting. He's found what he wants, needs and desires in Amanda, who he one day plans to marry. He is fully aware and barely bats an eye, knowing that includes Phillip, Jamie, Dotty and the occasional ex-husband. I'm so proud of Lee and know his parents would be pleased beyond measure for their beloved son be welcomed into a loving family. This is an outstanding first effort! You have the art of storytelling and the science of writing it, all well in hand. Look forward to the rest of your stories.
3/19/2016 c1 27AlaskanFan
This is a charming story! Nicely done.
9/4/2012 c1 Rokimbo
I love that Lee is 'a man with a plan'... and that includes 'courting' Amanda!
This was such a sweet read! I really enjoyed it!
1/4/2002 c1 IFFGirl
This was great! Keep up the good work!
12/29/2001 c1 6DixonHill67
I enjoyed this one every bit as much as your other story! You did a great job of drawing your reader into the story. I can argue both sides of whether or not they had conversations like this prior to ATWAS; I really like the way you presented this without *exactly* breaking canon.
12/27/2001 c1 Sheri
Absolutely wonderful story. You have quite a gift with words.
12/23/2001 c1 6Pam - bboxfan
What a great Christmas surprise - not one, but two absolutely delightful new stories. I'm impressed with your characterizations and attention to detail, both of which added to my enjoyment of this new look at Lee and Amanda's budding relationship. Hope to see more from you soon!
12/23/2001 c1 Kim
This was great! I thoroughly enjoyed it. I especially like the characterization - you really made this story live. I'm really looking forward to seeing more stories from you. Thanks for a delightful read!
12/22/2001 c1 7matahari2
Really good story! I like the way you stayed true to the characters' personalities. This felt "real". I could easily have imagined Lee & Amanda's relationship moving forward along these lines.
12/22/2001 c1 19Stemwinder
I have to agree with Catey, you did a great job on this filler! Looking foward to more from you! Please tell me you'll write more! ;)
12/22/2001 c1 catey
there are times like this when i wish people like you had written the scripts. that was so sweet. for a first fic i must say PLEASE DON'T LET IT BE THE LAST! can't wait to read more from you!

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