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6/16/2021 c32 silver-2-roxy
are you going to finish this story ?
6/13/2021 c32 jackyfloresq2001
It is a great story but are you to finish it
1/2/2021 c1 Painful
Good god this is awful. One of the very few stories I couldn't even force myself to finish. Just how low are the standards for Twilight?
9/29/2019 c1 andrewpine
I'll be nice if you finish this.
8/18/2019 c30 silver-stone2
are you going to finish this story or make a sequel
3/8/2019 c32 TTshorty33
damn this story was sooo good. shame u never finished. not even on Ao3
6/16/2017 c25 Guest
So if you were with your partner for 20 yrs you'd be ok sharing cos ya know you've been together so long. Rubbish excuse. Also, if you had no intention of adding something like that to the story why bother in the first place. Rosalie has had what, maybe five paragraphs in the whole story so playing devil's advocate for a truly minor character in this fiction makes zero sense. Shame a great story was ruined by a poorly thought out chapter.
5/15/2017 c1 merniizztat
11/23/2016 c32 silver-stone2
are you going to finish this story or make a sequel ?
7/3/2016 c32 1Usurper97
You said you put all your stories on Ao3 but I couldn't find them. All I found were The100 Stories no Twilight. Am I missing somthing? I'm not as familiar with Ao3. Maybe put a link on your profile here?
6/23/2016 c25 Coeur D'Amertume
to be honest and this is the massive lesbian perv in me but a three way with bella rose and alice in it would be wicked
5/3/2016 c32 Jenandberry
Really disappointed i cant find the continuation of this story.
5/3/2016 c14 Jenandberry
Brilliant story so far, just trying to catch up, and i loved the buffy reference :)
4/27/2016 c25 pgsca
You're clearly taking to the wrong people, I love the idea of the three of them together and I totally get what you're saying. I really don't think this happening is so far of a leap.
4/21/2016 c25 laviniasarah16
I like thw Idea of a new story for these 3's... Mates
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