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for Something I Can Never Have

7/9/2019 c1 9Jordana Babe
I hope you finish your story. I'd like to know what happens.
10/7/2014 c3 tin-a-holic
Oh man ! So flipping hot! I can't wait till you continue this (I'm hopeful) :)
10/7/2014 c2 tin-a-holic
Oh hot diggity I love the flangst!
6/17/2013 c3 2esthealice17
loving this story! xD
1/17/2012 c3 11BlueDream224
I hate it when I start an amazing story and get really into it and then run out of chapters. This was really good! I actually groaned dissapointedly when I reached the most recent chapter because I realized there was not a chapter four yet. Please keep writing and update soon!
12/10/2011 c3 5B and B are Back
Aw please update soon! Simply a breathtaking story!
12/1/2011 c3 Wmst
WHATT? Why did you stop this story has so much potential! Please finish this. You have done a wonderful job setting the scenario please complete.
10/1/2011 c3 2DragonRose4
I would love to see how someone lets you know they have totally forgotten this story.

I think it is nice, but slow. No matter, timing is everything. Eager for an update
9/23/2011 c3 GoSaraGo
Intriguing and well written! I like the tension you're building. Keep it up :-)
9/19/2011 c3 TheDuchessTab
I LOVE LOVE LOVE it! More please!
9/18/2011 c3 26Amorissy
Oh, the sigh of delight as I opened my inbox to see the notification for THIS. Never has there been a happier girl. Not just the story itself but it's my FAIRY!

So... first part of the chapter, super hot. Next part, kind of sad. Why is DG sleepwalking? I loved the interaction between the two of them in the hallway, when she tried to deflect ("Oops, wrong room. Sorry about that.") and then the little slap on his hand when she's trying to get away.

Pwease, Fairy, may I have some more? :D
9/18/2011 c3 2Skyrere
I love it. :)

I didn't remember it, so I went back and re-read the whole thing again.

I loved it all over again.

I look forward to the next chapter.
9/17/2011 c3 31KLCtheBookWorm
Yowser that dream was HOT! And then to have it interrupted by a sleepwalking DG. *Giggle!SNORT* Poor Cain can't catch a break.
9/17/2011 c3 Michelle aka Shelly
I think the chapter is really good, It was very intense I loved it and want to read some more of it. You should totally get back into writing stories again, I would definitely read them.
12/30/2009 c2 2Skyrere
yummy. this is a very nice start. I am looking forward to future installments.

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