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for For The Love of Belle

9/27/2015 c1 Purple Eclipse21
This is one of my favorite most favorite. I can't tell you how many time read this sory. Please keep on writing. Please tell me they get Stefano and drag his Fat ASS off to jail.. I can't wait to read about Marlee and Jonathan growing up the black family looklooks amazing the way you tell it. Oh yeah does John finally get the paperwork so Marlena can be Brady mother legally. Can you throw in a black vacation hopefully on an island in Cosmo with the nanny. and maybe yacht for John and Marlena a romantic rendezvous just the two of them. Is it too much to ask a little more NC-17 . And I want John to be a part of every bit of Marlee and Jonathan's growing up. Oh yeah I forgot about Frank and Martha when do they go back to Colorado or did they stay with John and Marlena after all that happened and you Abe and Lexie become the godparents Marlee and Jonathan. And does Marlene get feeling back in her legs. Please please please can you continue to write this story.. love this story it's so perfectly definitely John and Marlena!
2/19/2014 c41 Vannah
Please Write More it such a great story! Please?
12/13/2013 c41 Guest
Love this story but what happened to the next chapter 42.

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