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for 1963 Timeline UFO

10/16/2010 c2 PSG1JOHN
Just finished the last part of your series good work and sooner and later I will read up on your other story's. This is the first time in Terminator series i been reading that they are keeping the world safe from aliens lol.

Anyways good work.
6/25/2010 c2 Endymion77
Thanks so much for coming back to this story!

After reading this chapter, I've found UFO on the internet and watched 17 episodes so far. I hope that you find a way to get Cameron on Moon Base (purple wig and silver suit included, of course). She and Lt. Ellis would get along I think.

Meeting with Stryker should be quite interesting. Can't wait to read more.

P.S. - Update soon :)
6/23/2010 c2 geega-pax
ogm you're finally continuing this story i loved 1963 and 1963 90210 the David Silver - Brian Austin Green joke in the last one was great I'm dying to see what you will do in this one.
6/23/2010 c2 mwjen
Great to see this continued. Hope to read more.
6/22/2010 c2 TK-MR
At last after over a year.

Nice work! on this chapter.

Keep it going more faster! lol
5/19/2010 c1 The Fifth Horseman
And now I've read my way through the 1963 series: thus far. Fun fun fun in the sun sun sun, not that Red Dwarf should ever come near this... ever. Ever.

The Doctor Who comment at the end of 90210 seems apt for this chapter. We've got the single (now) young female impulsively joining the techno-marvel adventurer on a journey in space and time. That they're naked through most of this chapter is incidental.

Never heard of UFO before, so looking forward to how you work it in while altering it almost beyond recognition...

I liked the Cameron-based format of the last story (if you had not already noticed, I tend to like limited perspectives just to keep up with the story more easily), but the return to multiple outside viewpoints is alright, too, I guess... And it is kind of fun to see how little rich girl reacts to sudden shocks. Although she's definitely coping better than I assume I would in a similar situation. Though I guess having one character curled up in the fetal position, sucking their thumb and muttering 'There's no place like home' over and over would get old pretty quick in a fiction story.

So, yeah, overall fun so far, and should you continue before I run out of energy for fanfics, I look forward to seeing what you come up with next.
2/1/2010 c1 mwjen
Good series of stories, I hope you get back to this. Thanks for posting.
7/26/2009 c1 2stolid
Awesome. Please continue this!
7/14/2009 c1 3mshigezumi
I liked this chapter seeing how Naomi would react to this, and the whole spaceship type things is interesting (as I said before I've never seen or heard of the show "UFO" before this). And I would love for you to continue this story, so keep up the good work.
5/30/2009 c1 MarshallOC9
great opening cant wait to see where this new timeline leads
5/26/2009 c1 8TermFan1980
Awesome. I loved the story being told from Naomi's perspective. I guess it's still 3rd person narrative, but it's fairly Naomi-centric. This worked well because she is an outsider to the group, and an outsider to the concept of time travel, Terminators, the legacy of John Connor, etc. She is kind of the "Charlie Dixon" of this story (who was one of my favorite supporting characters in the show). Along with being an endearing character that will (I hope) eventually mature and grow into a useful member of the group, she pulls double duty as a convenient plot device for Cameron, John, and Sarah to explain things to. Rather than having to narrate everything, some explanation of events can be done through dialogue.

I knew next to nothing about 90210, but you did a good job of making it interesting and familiarizing someone like me with the show, so I have faith that you'll do the same for UFO (which I know less than nothing about).

Looking forward to the rest of this story because I know it will be fun-filled, with well thought out action sequences, and plenty of cool fictional hard-science.
5/26/2009 c1 2Cptlatnok
Yo i know nothing of 90210 (and never intend to change that) but i like the idea of taking a rich spoiled girl and forcing her to turn into a commando. Its like sarah connor all over again.
5/25/2009 c1 AngusH
Fun first chapter. Never seen UFO but I will have to go and find out about it now...

The conversation between Naomi and Sarah was very nicely done and I really enjoyed the bits with Cameron.

I really liked it.
5/25/2009 c1 2TK-MR
Very nice work!

*I will leave it to the readers’ imagination to fill in the details I intentionally left out.* hrm... what is the meaning of this? M rate actions to get warm up while naked? LOL

Keep update. ASAP.

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