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5/25/2013 c1 shipNslash
Oh :( Poor baby Spock!
5/9/2012 c1 Star Trek
You should continue this. :)
10/1/2010 c1 2The Accidental Proverbialist
Wow, this really didn't go the way I thought it would - thanks for surprising me. A little gut-wrenching, but in a make-you-stop-and-reconsider kind of way
6/9/2009 c1 Mave
Nicely done.
5/31/2009 c1 Violet
Wow, very good story. I think it's great as it is, the feeling in the end is so unexpected.
5/25/2009 c1 1MeEksiNs
it's good. if there's a follow up - it'd be perfect for a developing and lasting friendships between the characters that were present namely Jim (ofcoz), Bones and Scotty.

thanks for sharing such a luvly read~ ^-^
5/25/2009 c1 2mhgood
Wow; very well-written and engrossing! I hope you'll write more like this!
5/25/2009 c1 CanonSword
Wow! This completely lulled me into a false sense of security, the ending is so sad, its fantastic.
5/25/2009 c1 3kalenel
Oh, poor Spock. I know you say it's complete, but I really hope you continue it in some form or another.
5/25/2009 c1 sootgremlin11
I really like this. I think you got the Kirk/Bones relationship right on and I really love the idea of Spock's earlier years.
5/25/2009 c1 2XSunny
Great one! Continuation, please?
5/25/2009 c1 Jan7
I hope you continue with the story.

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