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8/17/2013 c21 Aquaowl36
Ha, great, loving this fic so far! Okay, I have a few dares, but first... *deathglares Kariya (the Bount)* Okay, here are my dares!

1. I dare MC to turn Nnoitra into a girl for a full hour.

2. I dare everyone to eat Orihime's cooking. No exceptions. Not even MC.

3. I dare Rangiku to kiss Gin for at least 30 seconds.

Okay, that's it! I'll just go now... *leaves*
8/12/2012 c2 10ShizukaYuukiMistress10
Haha, the dares for this chapter were really funny! :P Roflol!
8/12/2012 c1 10ShizukaYuukiMistress10
I'm lovin' this fic so far! :D It looks like whoever this MC person is, has the hots for Yoruichi! Kawaiiii! :P
9/6/2011 c21 8True-Oblivion
Okay this is hilarious, and just to join with the earlyer trend and being a first time reviewer... *Glomps Nel, Hallibel and Glomps and kisses Tatsuki* Dont judge me for my choices, and i now have three dares:

1: I dare Ichigo and Orihime to officially marry, (So far i havent red this happening)

2: I dare Ichigo and Orihime to be in an extreamly dark room for as long as they want.

3: I Dare Keigo to become Ungodly powerful and to do what he wants with anyone exept Tatsuki

And is this fic still going? From the Update date it doesnt look like it but i really hope it is.
7/2/2011 c21 Momofan
I DARE hichigo to french kiss momo infront of toshiro and aizen

And either Aizen or Hyorinmaru kiss momo ;)
5/22/2011 c21 5lovehim1024
Hichigo, i dare you to go in ichigo's head and drag zangetsu out so i can glomp him!
10/30/2010 c21 1Furionknight
10/28/2010 c21 Rabbit Lily
*glomps wonderweiss and gin* I dare Wonderweiss to dress in a blonde puppy costume and Gin in a fox costume! Ggio in a tiger costume!

Aizen...can get mauled by rabid bear!

*glomps MC* And MC! You,Di Roy,and Shinji host a beauty pageant with Charlotte being in all events!(Sorry if I traumitized you Di Roy) Wonderweiss and Gin can sit back an watch(my eyes have limits)

Grimmjow(this is from your fan-my bro!) Purr like a kitty while(this is my touch)kiss Luppi2!(I don't like yaoi, but it's all for fun!)

Note: You don't have to do all this in one chapter, i kinda let my mind go, sorry!
8/30/2010 c21 Yoruichi- .Black Cat
i dare yoruichi to turn into her cat form then back into a human and go into a closet for an hour with grimmjow.
8/6/2010 c21 1PenSlash
I want to dare Hichigo to everyone in the face and grab aizen's dick.

Quick question, are you guys referring Hyorimaru as a boy because I thought the last time I checked she's a girl.

Hichigo must at least have a threesome with someone gay(not aizen or that other person)and matsumoto.

Hoped i'd caused a lot of pain on this chapter! bye!
7/30/2010 c7 17NotEvenaProperWord
Stupid Computer !

So I dare Unohana to treat Ukitake and Toshiro as her kid.

and Kyoraku has to kiss Nanao.

Thank you, Bye

7/30/2010 c21 NotEvenaProperWord
Poor Hyonrinmaru!

First *stands in front of Unohana and holds her hands* Unohana-Sama, you're the best thing in Bleach and *kisses Ukitake and Toshiro on the cheeks* You too.

So, I dare Unohana to treat
7/30/2010 c20 NotEvenaProperWord
Yeah! MC came back !
7/30/2010 c19 NotEvenaProperWord
Oh I want to see Kenny's Bankai !
7/30/2010 c15 NotEvenaProperWord
Oh My...Poor All... see Yama-ji in Prostitute it's just...berk U.U
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