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6/7/2009 c4 14Watch.Shield.Kill
Oh Byakuya, relax! Renji just saw you jumping Hisana, no worries! And you should be lucky to have ANY fans after that crazy confusion episode you had back during Rukia's execution! But we still wuvs you no matter what. *glomps Byakuya* CURLERMAN PWNS! Oh, and I dare Ichigo and Renji to shout at the top of their lungs "WE'RE FRUIT AND PROUD OF IT!" Good ol' Strawberry and Red Pineapple...
6/7/2009 c4 11bandgeek9
It seems like I make a new enemy every time you update. I think that after this story is over most of the Bleach characters will be out to get me. Okay, I dare Komamura to crawl around acting like a puppy, and tell Yammy that if he makes fun of my name again I will destroy him beyond the point of no return.
6/7/2009 c4 12Ominias
Hahaha! Thanks for doing mine! Catnip... =P Hmm... there's one dare that I was thinking of... I dare Ichigo to feed Yaichiru 10 pounds of candy, then babysit her in a room full of paint...^^x
6/5/2009 c3 14Watch.Shield.Kill
Hm...I dare Byakuya to be locked in a room for several hours with nothing but Rangiku and 10 bottles of sake.
6/5/2009 c3 queenlexa
thanks for doing mine! I always thought Uryu had a crush on Nemu xD
6/5/2009 c3 11bandgeek9
I'm a geek and proud of it so shut up Yammy! lolz, this chapter was hilarious, especially the Aizen part. For the next chapter, I have to admit I like the idea of Hitsugaya dressing like a little kid and asking for candy. I bet Ukitake would be glad to help him out!
6/4/2009 c2 bandgeek9
I dare Byakuya to dress up in clothes that Rukia picks out for him and I dare Kenpachi to cosplay Yachiru.
5/27/2009 c2 12Ominias
Hahaha! I really like this! Hm...I like Hitsugaya more than Yoruichi, but she's definitely up there! Oh, and I dare Hitsugaya to wear kid's clothes and run around asking for candy! Haha... And I dare Urahara and Kon to hold hands while singing the Hello Kitty Theme song...XP Last one...Oh! I dare Grimmjow to go on all fours and meow like a kitty! Hahaha...^^x
5/27/2009 c2 queenlexa
I dare Uryu to admit that he has a crush on someone! and he has to tell us who it is!
5/25/2009 c1 5Kira-3-5-9
YOU RULE! I also love Yoruichi she is awesome!

1.Okay I dare Grimmjow to kiss Ichigo for atleast 6 seconds

2.I dare Kon to dress up like a maiden and go around screaming "PLEASE HELP I AM A WOMEN IN NEED" and crap like that

3.I dare Ulquiorra to do the chicken dance or some kind of dance like that that is emmbaressing

and 4.I dare Uryuu to admit he is gay. I mean COME ON PEOPLE! He is in a freakin sewing club and practically sews womens clothes for a living!

Okay please keep it up!
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