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7/30/2010 c13 17NotEvenaProperWord
It's so funny ^^
7/30/2010 c12 NotEvenaProperWord
Yay KenUno *O*
7/30/2010 c11 NotEvenaProperWord
Poor Yammy... *evil smile*
7/30/2010 c10 NotEvenaProperWord
xD Poor Omaeda... okay I'm not serious...

Yeah Uno-Chan is right !
7/30/2010 c8 NotEvenaProperWord
But Unohana IS evil 8D

You're fan fiction is a great idea!

(If I made mistakes tell me, I'm French...)
5/30/2010 c21 2tired2Bnarcoleptic
5/26/2010 c21 3AsymmetricalPerfection
HEHEHEHEH oh man this is gonna be FUN! alrighty now down to busness...*evil laugh*

ok firstly... i DEMAND that whoever is running the chapter gives hichi his vastolorde form if it hasent already been done. and if it has been done... *gives hichi a Night Fury to do with as he pleases.

and secondly, i dare Hichigo to do everything he wannts to to all the girls of the bleach cast. *evil smile* but you have to wear punker clothes while you do whatever...( fight, smex, get drunk, gennerally humilate, turn into hollows are just a few suggestions^^)

sorry but i have to do this... i dare yachiru and ichigo and hichi to sing as loud as possible "strawberry feilds" by the beatles.

*hides from the wrath of the black sclerra prince*

*giggle * oh and lastly... *gives grimmjow his catnip back... like a whole room full of it. hey grimmjow! did you kno you can smoke this? (i dare anyone to video tape him being high and put it on youtube.
5/25/2010 c21 1Callista Ran Lalasa
Nya~ I havent been here in such a long time *blushes happily* but first things first *stands in front of ichigo with a straight face* I was finally able to catch up on the chapters ichigo *pulls out a hatchet like Rena's* I dont like it when people hurt ulquiorra...I suppose ill have to...punish you later *grins evilly*. But anyway *smiles* i dare Hichi-kun to sing the gay barbie girl song to aizen while hitting him the face with a metal baseball bat with spikes (lol ive been watching alot of higurashi lately). Hmm I dare grimmjow, rukia and ichigo to act like spongebob, patrick and squidward. ^_^ hmmm i dare renji to act like a love-sick girl toward byakuya. and lastly i dare everyone else to cosplay as characters from naruto. ^_^ Ah i feel better now but i have unfinished business *drags ichigo into a closet smilling darkly with my faithful hatchet* Now youll know what it means to piss me off *everyone hears screaming then i come out a moment later* Ah that was satisfying but anyway thanks for listening *kisses Ulquiorra* Matta ashita ne!
5/18/2010 c21 exquisitebowties
Hi! :3 I know I'm late, but better late than never! Wow a ton of stuff has happened O_O lol, oh well.

GIN! I LOVE YOU! *GLOMPS* Can I steal you? *disregards whatever answer is given and steals Gin anyway* MUAHAHA!

Now for the dares! I dare Hichigo to dance around Seireitei weating pink polkadot underwear and a pink sparkly bow in his hair. D
5/18/2010 c21 5Reason to Scatter
This is hilarious! :D

(I love you Byakuya)

I dare Muramasa to clip those fingernails. O_O (Sorry, it's not the best I could have come up with)
5/18/2010 c20 lasthorizon
this story is great thx master bleach

i dare mayuri to make some sort of personality reverse gas and spread it all over the division i also dare everyone to copy charlottes names for all his attacks(eg stuning charlotte culhorns super ultra ... gulotine attack

this story is too funny lol thx again
4/27/2010 c20 1PenSlash
Um... Master Bleach you that Hyorimaru is a woman in her spirit form^-^ Right?
Well other than that this fic is the best random story I have read...So far
Hope ya continue soon
Also could ya make a character have a riduculuos and funny moment at one point of time?
(Hope ya don't think I'm a pansy or whatever)
Also howed ya get ther dern profile page up if ye got a application error?
3/15/2010 c20 2tired2Bnarcoleptic
2/25/2010 c20 3AsymmetricalPerfection
...well at least mc is back.. tho the one person dare thing is a bit annoyifiying...ok so dares for tosen...i dare tosen to spit shine aizens shoes.

then i dare him to eat a hollow.and not barf. if he does barf then he has to lick it up!

and lastly i dare him to poke muramasa in the eye!

oh and for Hichigo since i cant dare you anymore i ask if i can keep giving you presents? i like giving you presents^^ if so here* hands him a pair of boxing gloves coated in razor wire where your suppost hit people but all fuzzy on the inside^^ enjoy!
2/25/2010 c20 1Kiraishin
too funny!lol xD I love it xD

Dead to laugh at life
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