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2/24/2010 c20 12Ominias

Ahem, sorry about that. You came back! ^^x And...I disappeared into my own dimension. (I do that a lot now, along with holing up in my room.) Sorry! Although Shiro-kun's hair probably grew back in the meantime. Which reminds me...

Anyways, I love dares! =D Since you asked, I dare Tosen to go on all fours and eat grass and flowers. ...Don't ask. I also dare Tosen to gather over a hundred balloons and drift off on them till as far as he can go, in a large field without any kind of roof, cloud, etc. or trees. Finally, I dare Toshiro (I had to) to face off in DDR on the song Wakka Lakka on Heavy mode against Hyorinmaru. Well, see ya! *Toshiro's hair is shorter now*
2/22/2010 c19 30StrykrWolf
Hahaha! Nice chapter! Don't worry you were up to your usual standards. Sorry its taken me so long to write a review but I wanted to think up a few dares...

1. Yoruichi must be entered in a cat show. No cheating ^_^

2. Mayuri must apply to be in the circus. Go to the interview as is and, Mayuri, try not to traumatize the people too much XP

3. I dare Kazeshini to go to some Anger Management classes...and for the heck of it have Nnoitra join Kazeshini in those Anger Management classes.

4. I dare all the Zanpaktou (in manifested form) to do the chicken dance...yes you heard me right the chicken dance. )

5. I dare Senbonzakura to take off his mask.

...I hope to read your next chapter soon!
2/9/2010 c19 Affably Abhorrent
Awesome story, and yeah it's definitely up to your regular standard, you have some of the funnest stuff on this site. Though your were gets a little hard to follow at times, but that's the only complaint that I have. Keep the funny coming or be trapped with Charlotte for 10 years MWHAHAHAHAHAHAHA.

1/22/2010 c19 12Ominias
XD Where did MC go? *pouts* Sorry for my disappearance! I was...preoccupied...*shifty eyes* ANYWAYS! I dare everyone to call each other by their full names backwards at least until the end of my dares. I dare Hitsugaya-kun to be poked by Yaichiru while throwing petals around the room wherever someone is about to walk. Finally, I dare Kon to be eaten partially by Yaichiru. *chews Toshiro's hair* It's not cannibalism, I swear!

So, on another note, I should see you probably tomorrow! ^^x
1/21/2010 c19 henryleung
ok this is me again and since kenpachi didnt get his shikai and bankai last time i dare who evers gonna be presenting to give kenpachi the bankai and shikai to him... o and also give him vizard powers and someone of his choosing has to fight him.

also i dare yamamoto to shave his beard O.o just to know how he looks.

i dare byakuya to open a hardcore metal band with him as singer and the rest of the band are members of his choosing
1/21/2010 c19 1Kiraishin

I read all your fanfic and I loved it!

Can I give some "dare"?

1:Ichigo must be locked in a closet with Yoruichi (in human form) for half an hour, then with Kisuke Yoruichi, and see what happens...*รง*

2:Hitsugaya must dressing with kid's clothes, then dancing caramelldansen with Ulquiorra and Ulquiorra and Byakuya.

3:not a dare, but you can get this message?:


4:Byakuya MUST kiss Soi Fon(he he he,sorry Soi-chan!),in a French kiss for at least 5 minutes!

5:Grimmjow must...kiss Yoruichi x)

6:Hitsu-chan must smile

7:Resurrect MC!
1/20/2010 c19 3AsymmetricalPerfection
hehe awsome dudes^^ i cant wait for the next one^^

ok now to get over some things. i dare someone to dye aizens whole wardrobe pink for the rest of the chapter

*huggles hichigo* I LUVVERS YOU SO MUCH! *cough hack * im pethitic* cough hack* *giggles* i dare hichigo the demon child of ichigos brain to take a bite out of aizens face. plz tell me if his soul is tasty^^

i dare yammy to eat smart-n-ing food and try to read the dictionary without destroying it.

i thinkith that rukia has been severally left out so : i dare rukia to be locked in a dark place with renji for 3 hours.

last and to fill my random quota : *wisperes to capitan kurotsichi and szyall* sprinkles Na'vi dust over everyone and they get the kitty ears. i dare ANYONE to try and take out byakuas hair rollers. oh and *hands hichigo a cake made of blood souls and strawberry* thankies for doing everything i asked you to so far^^
1/17/2010 c18 Vizardwannabe
I love this story can I do a couple of dares?
1/17/2010 c18 30StrykrWolf
haha Nice! ^_^
1/17/2010 c18 2tired2Bnarcoleptic
12/29/2009 c17 6naruto-fan0302
awesome story ^_^ i love it.

*refrains from glomping Soifon because it is out of character for me to do so*

Anyway, on with some dares ;).

1. I dare Yoruichi to transform in front of everybody and transform back *smirks evilly*

2. I dare Hitsugaya to kill Aizen and nobody's allowed to interfere.

3. I dare Ichigo and Charlotte to go in a closet for 30 minutes.

4. I dare Soifon (muahaha) to be fed 100 bottles of sake and see what happens.

5. And lastly I dare Byakuya to dye his hair rainbow and put on clothes Charlotte style. Ooh not to mention heavy makeup. See if his fangirls still love him XD (soz, I like Byakuya too but fangirls are too over the top :S)

thnx ^^
12/26/2009 c17 2tired2Bnarcoleptic
12/22/2009 c17 henryleung
OMG I LOVE THIS SERIES first off all *kicks aizens and charlottes ass* now on to the dares

1 i dare mc to give kenpachi a shikai and a bankai for 3 chapters

2 grown up neliel halibell matsumoto and yuroichi to wear a revealing bikiny for the rest of the chapter

3 i dare mc*sorry man* to kiss charlotte for 20 min

4 i dare all the arrancars to be locked up in a room with yachiru on a super sugar rush

5 and finnaly i dare byakuya to give a show for his fangirls
12/12/2009 c17 12Ominias
Hahaha! Ah, that was awesome! Great job MC! That was funny! I dare Aizen to sing Fireflies by Owl City while all of the arrancar including Gin and Tosen dress up as fireflies and sprint in a circle around him! Also, I dare all of the zanpakutoh to materialize and have a race without using shunpo, with weights on their legs (the ones with the metal ball on a chain), with Hiyori deciding the amount of weight on each one! Ominias, signing off!
12/2/2009 c17 3AsymmetricalPerfection
hehehhe demon child returns lol^^. i was wondering how tosen read the list when he is blind. i dare someone to jack his visor thinggy to make sure he is blind. if he isent lock him in a room made of candy with yachiru.

i dare capitan ice dragon( forgot his name) to try some of orihimes cooking. (hey orihime i have a suggestion. use asperigus)

and aizen at one time you had a fan. i was once your fan. but the only thing about you i liked was your glasses. now that you have broken them you have lost every inch of niceness you used to have. in respect of this i dare you to be wrapped in barbed wire by hichigo and dragged around as yammys releced from rampages like godzilla!

*cuddles hichi* i wuv you^^*clears throught* now that i got that over... i dare hichi to be a vamp to ichi just for the hell of it.

and lastly my randomness quota for the week. :i dare yachiru to steal capitan commanders beard ribbon and tye fish in his beard from byakuas pond^^ later everyone ^^ oh and for hichigo* hands him a present all wrapped up in wicth is whatever his little lack of heart desires^^
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