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12/1/2009 c17 25Chillis
Cool (as always)...

The characters: Gin, Ichigo, Hichigo, Byakuya, Ulquiorra, Grimmjow, Aizen... and Kon!

And you should invite the swords' spirits to the show...

12/1/2009 c17 30StrykrWolf
I loved this chapter!

"Soi Fon: *In the corner, rocking back and forth, crushing Yourichi in a hug* The horror…the horror…Omaeda’s ass…why…WHY!" ~ When I read this I could stop laughing!...



*mentally glomps Soi*

I dare Zaraki and Unohana to go to an Opera (and no Zaraki you cannot kill anyone there).

I dare Barragan to go up to people and ask them help him cross the street.

I dare Yoruichi and Suzumebachi to get into a fight to see who is the fastest.
12/1/2009 c17 15AnimeLuver4everandevr
Wow.I say Toushiro and Kusaka should be the hosts even if I ask them questions and give them dares!

Questions: Well now, I have a lot of questions for all of you...

But my top one is,do you thonk that Ichigo and Rukia,TOUSHIRO AND MOMO!,Ukitake and Unohana,Orihime adnd Uryuu,and Rangik and Gin should be together?

2) What is your mos and least favorite food AND why?

3) Soi Fon,do you just honor Yoruichi or are you a les and love her?*have everyone laugh at that*

4) Hey Byakuya...

(He says what)

Ichigo and Rukia are dating

(He goes bankai)


(And gets annoyed)

5) would everyone fell if I tortured Toushiro mny times in all my I'm thinking of making a well...a ToushiroxKusaka story thats going to be rated M...-blush- YOUR OPINOINS!

6) Why is everyone scared of Unohana?


Oh Momo...I dare you,in front of everyone,FRENCH KISS AND OPEN MOUTH Toushiro.

Rukia same thing to Ichigo.

Toushiro...oh ya hats right SHIRO NEKO!-makes OC Shiki Hitsugaya appear- Have fun~

But thas not all,dress in a white kitty suit completed with ears and tail and collar and FLIRT with Ukitake,Ichigo,Renji,and Kusaka.Plus use a line such as 'I lost my teddy bear on the way here,can you sleep with me instead'Plus you should look like your drunk!Just add to the fun!

I dare EVERYONE to go up on a large sage and dance the Ike Ike dance!(youtube)

After all thats over,I dare everyone to kiss the same sex they think thats hot!(Renji kiss Byakuya,Ichigo kiss Toushiro,Toushiro kiss Kusaka and Ichigo,Shunsei and Ukitake kiss,and so on...)

And thats all!^^I hope this wasn't a lot and keep up the good work!
12/1/2009 c16 10Brenna Snow
Hey, I'm glad to see that you're back!

Okay, I'm also here to mention something... I gave some ideas when I reviewed for chapter 13 and you used them for chapter 16, but I didn't see my name put "Ominias" instead.

It was just bothering me a bit, so I thought I'd let you know.

Anyway, great job as always!
11/11/2009 c16 3AsymmetricalPerfection
*licks ichigos hollow then gives him a chainsaw* I LOVE YOU HICHIGO!

i dare aizen to dye kaseshinis body pink (hisagis hot swrod) also if you dont do this you will face my randomness in further chapters. (ps aizen what others have done to you is nothing compared to what will be to come if you displease me. i am a child of hell)

i dare ichigo too get high on strawberrys then go get drunk with his hollow.

ichigos hollow i dare to play with yachiru (you will be rewarded with whatever you please from me)

and i dare zaraki to serve kfc food for a day without killing anything (including the customers)

*huggles MC and gives favrorite food* i luv you for this story man

oh and before i forget just to be random i dare yammi to dress up as a chipmunk
11/10/2009 c7 AsymmetricalPerfection
*eats team hollows thing and likes it better*
11/10/2009 c2 AsymmetricalPerfection
hi^^ im hopeing you continue this its perfect!

i dare ichigos hollow to make brownies without using blood as water.

i dare grimmjow to eat the brownies.

i dare aizen to eat the plate.
11/4/2009 c16 2tired2Bnarcoleptic
10/23/2009 c16 12Ominias
Hi MC! SO sorry for not being on lately. I haven't died, though. And thanks for updating! Could you tell our LNF buddies that I am, again, still alive? o.o;; Thanks. Anyways, here's the main prospect of these reviews: dares! I dare Aizen to hug every arrancar there, and give out random edible cookies as a treaty. I also dare Ikkaku and Kenpachi to be tied up while they get lectured for hours by pacifists who are obsessed about peace. Well, that's it this time, so again, I'm sorry! See you hopefully soon! ^^x
10/16/2009 c16 13Ember Hinote
I love this story!


1. Byakuya has to admit that he had always been in love with SoiFon and SoiFOn has to admit that she loves Byakuya. (I just love Byakuya x SoiFon)

2. Momo treats Toshiro as a little brother and he has to do everything she says (and it can't be Aizen related) and has to go protective older sister on him when Aizen hurts Toshiro.

3. Ichigo is made the new 5th Division Captain,
10/15/2009 c16 3lemonrocker
awesome chapter! I love it! Its hilarious! Someone should dare ulquiorra to do something ridiculous like... sing a love song to the one he loves! And I know he likes Someone! I hope! He so cute! And the MC should just Kill Aizen! And Momo! Shes so naive! oh well She should be forced to grow-up! And Little Toushiro she be forced to be hugged by Rangiku Without Complaing. I love Ukitake! He should just stay smiling! And happy and sitting and lots of candy!

Your reader

10/13/2009 c16 30StrykrWolf
haha I loved this chapter!

Now onto the dares...entirely dedicated to Yoruichi!


I dare Yoruichi (in her cat form) to go and attack Wonderweiss.

I dare Grimmjow to get his catnip back only to have Yoruichi steal it before he can get close to it.

I dare Rangiku to get all of her *drinks* back but Yoruichi steals all of her *drinks* and has a drinking contest with Kukaku.

I dare Yoruichi (in her cat form) to be carried around by Soi Fon as Soi goes through a haunted house filled with her worst fears.


I can't wait for the next chapter!
10/13/2009 c16 1The Little Rose
10/13/2009 c16 25Chillis
Aizen... I just ^%$# hate you ESCUCHASTE PEDAZO DE ALCORNOQUE?... and you name your army in Spanish... the shame...ANYWAY... I dare Byakuya, Ulquiorra, Ichigo, Aizen, Szayel and Grimmjow to dance the Caramelldansen while wearing any dress designed by Uryu...

And I dare all the Espada, including Gin, Tosen and Aizen to make a choreography, a cheerleader choreography xD
10/13/2009 c16 15AnimeLuver4everandevr
Hahahaha this is awesome!And Shiro Neko!-glomps Toushiro- I'll be nice to you this time...-rape face-


Renji,Ichigo,Gin!Kiss Toushiro!Has to be tounge and you have to touch him!

Ichigo and Renji -hands them a kitty outfit with a pacifer and locks them up with Toushiro- Have fun and treat Toushiro like a baby!

Grimmy-chan!: Dress in a blue kitty costume and do the 'nyan nyan' dance (look it up on youtube)Toushiro join in!Only in the costume Ichi and Ren-Ren dressed you in!

Toushiro!Dress in a sexy waitress's uniform and do the hare hare yukai!(look it up on youtube)

Orihime make the the best food you'd ever made and give it to Aizen,Gin,and Tousen and the arrancar

Everyone besides Aizen: KILL AIZEN!

Um...Momo and Rangiku!Dress in something sexy and glomp the person yu love!And Momo it can;t be Aien,Kira,or anyone else.(has to be Toushiro)

And Toushiro do the 'Koi Mikuru no Densetsu' dance(again youtube) with your left eye a really light blue.Alsmost tranlusent.

Sorry but thats all.Hey!I put rape face after I said I would be nice to Toushiro.Otherwise I would have Toushiro have sex with Ichigo and Renji and thats my easy!
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