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10/22/2009 c1 73pocketcucco
Aww, little Flynn and Yuri are adorable. I like how you decided to write their childhood personalities, too. Little Flynn was especially cute. :D It's so like him to try to be nice to Yuri even if Yuri's not-so-nice to him, haha.

The descriptions of the lower quarter were really fantastic. I agree with the reviewer who mentioned that you really get a sense of how difficult things are for the people living there.

Nice work! I really enjoyed reading this!
7/14/2009 c1 34Baby Kat Snophlake
I read this first... saw the other one... read that, reviewed it, and was like, "I can't remember what I said about the other story..." So I went back to check only to find a review was never submitted from me. For shame. I will rectify this at once.

Reading this, you get a real feel for how poor everyone in the Lower Quarter really is. I thought it was a fitting way for the two to meet in the first place, and as I said in the other review, you portray the young Flynn and Yuri nicely. A good foundation for what they'll grow into. I also loved how they already treat each other the same way they do as adults. It's totally them. ^-^"

I like your style of writing as well. I can see a really clear picture. Great job!

7/6/2009 c1 11NeptuneMare
This... was adorable. I loved the dialog. I do hope you write more soon! =D
6/20/2009 c1 20twilightwrites
Aw! That was kinda cute. I always wondered what Yuri and Flynn's childhoods were like and how they had met.
5/26/2009 c1 7AquaRose
Well, as someone who has never played ToV, this story was quite a nice little read. I have always enjoyed a short story with a pleasont plot, that gives a little nibble into another world. This story did a great job in fulfilling that niche.

It was enlightening to get a feeling for how desperate the poor boy was and his hunger and to feel the effects of sheer kindness of a stranger on his life.

I look forward to more :)
5/25/2009 c1 16CrystallizedPen
Great job on capturing perfectly the personalities of Yuri and Flynn (when they were kids and I believe they are not any different when they grew up.) I always love to think and imagine about their past and what they did when they were kids at the lower quarter. Especially how did they encounter and become best friends. I thought it is a good topic to write about.

This story makes me feel relaxing and have a bit more insight thought about them (my favorite two characters throughout the game, I wish Flynn could stay in the party a little bit longer though).

Anyway, thanks for writing such a beautiful fic. :D

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