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for Pride Comes Before The Fall

5/14 c6 Jacob Spades
One of the best fanfics ever written
3/5 c8 3Padmus-Orion-Black
Hot diggity fang, can i just say, when you do revenge you don't hold back, ilove it
2/21 c1 Vampiricmalice
Personally like the alt ending better. However what Ranma did to Ryouga was cold blooded, friggin loved that
2/16 c2 genx12
I'm loved this too!
1/21 c8 Guest
TL;DR Summary

This is basically a look at "What if all of the characters were more apathetic than they looked (including Ranma and Kasumi)?"

Ranma loses a fight, and it costs him "everything". So he goes Postal for a good moment before getting hurled away.
After that, he swears to destroy the people who've done nothing but take, take and take until there was nothing left but the clothes on his back.
It's as every bit as cruel and sadistic as it's implied. The alternate ending goes softer on the more OOC portrayed characters (and the victims), but it's still pretty dark in hindsight.


Rotten to the core, yet you just can't look away.
It's like Kill Bill, but this time everybody's Japanese.
It's a joy to read, despite the disproportionate karmic retribution.
12/30/2020 c1 ugh
I agree with the result but the 'betrayal' was just lame... The Scene could work on context but the fic would be way better is you cut all the dialogue an let it like the recount of the aftermatch Thats how bad the interaction and lines are
11/8/2020 c1 iacopo.passerini
Ahio! Qui si può dire che chi gioca col fuoco prima o poi finisce per bruciarsi! E stavolta non si può dire che non se la siano andata a cercare! L'inizio vede bene Ranma vendicarsi! E credo che sarebbe anche stato un suo diritto poi la va male ... bah vediamo un pò che altro succedere e quante botte arriveranno!
7/31/2020 c4 pokemonmaster776
I noticed the Fallout 3 feference.
3/30/2020 c1 Fssr
This really an important fic, man! I was so sick of certain types of Ranma fics( or rather I would say ''Akane fics''). It's given me the relief, which was needed so much to me.
This is an excellent fic .
11/19/2019 c8 1TheDarkLord666
No offense, but alternative was much better.
11/17/2019 c8 1Leikeze 12
Elder Conditioner lmao I can't
11/17/2019 c6 Leikeze 12
Omg I love this story! Ranma is brutal! Best story ever omgg!
8/27/2019 c6 21zeltronica
I didn't read the alternate ending, but I have to say this story was awesome and all of them got their just deserts.
6/1/2019 c6 Rebmul
so his bitch mom is still delusional
1/10/2019 c5 Pizza Otaku
With the way you brutalized Nabiki, something bad should have happened to Kasumi too. Anyway, reading this fanfic has been great.
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