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7/28/2020 c56 Bakerstreet Blues
I loved that House didn't know what to do to help Rainie so he handed her a tissue...like a child offering a piece of candy. Very Houselike.

Another wonderful chapter.

7/27/2020 c52 Bakerstreet Blues
Seems like I'm reviewing a LOT this time around...must be all the FREAKING FREE TIME I HAVE ON MY HANDS RIGHT NOW...

Wilson should be accustomed to this feeling he's having. He never learned the difference between WANT and NEED. As soon as his wives just wanted him instead of NEEDING him, he looked for someone else that NEEDED him. When House went through the ketamine treatment and had his mobility back he no longer NEEDED Wilson, not to say he didn't still want him around but didn't NEED him. This bothered Wilson to the point that he needed to be needed again so he did what he did...sabotaged House with the help of Cuddy. Not to mention the fact that House 'cured' one of Wilson's cancer patients had to have hit Wilson hard...he never thought that what House did was anything more than 'LUCK'. IE: All IN.

Thanks Harp for helping me pass some time.

7/27/2020 c50 Bakerstreet Blues
While I read chapter 49, I remembered how Wilson taunted and badgered House when he found out that House had the motorcycle accident coming home from a Therapy Session...which House obviously made HIMSELF...the fact that Wilson basically hounded him made House delete the phone number...I always wondered if House's mind would still have split had he kept going to therapy, I mean he OBVIOUSLY realized he was heading to a deep depression...guess we'll never know, but I really hated Wilson during that episode...more than normal I mean. What a self righteous prick.

Another bone of contention for me against the 'masses of CALL EM LIKE I SEE EM, idiots' who believed that House's breakdown was DRUGS...haha. Nope, DEPRESSION splits your mind like that.

Good to see Wilson doing something constructive here...comforting Rainie was a very good thing.

7/27/2020 c41 Bakerstreet Blues
Perfect quote from House...really great stuff.

7/27/2020 c37 Bakerstreet Blues
So Harp, I'm SURE you could figure out my review of this particular chapter just from what you already know about me. Wilson's 'eureka' moment when he truly accepts what a crappy friend he has always been is NOTHING new to me...some of the House MD fanfic authors and readers really are oblivious as to what real friendship is...gawd, the number of House 'bromance' fics are mind-numbing...

Here is my philosophy...works for House fanfics and Chinese restaurants (that I have not frequented prior)...test the Hot and Sour Soup, if they cannot make that then NOTHING is edible...same for fanfics...read a story until I read 'what a great friend Wilson is', then either leave a scathing review or hit the GIANT red X and find a different 'restaurant'. Simple, yet completely satisfying ... no upset stomach or banging my head on the wall wondering what is WRONG with people. Win-Win.

Great story.

7/27/2020 c29 Bakerstreet Blues
Very short review here...

HARPO, YOU REALLY ARE A MAGNIFICENT WRITER...your insight is amazing. You can put 2 and 2 together and come up with 5 every time...and in House 'land' that is always the correct answer.

7/27/2020 c28 Bakerstreet Blues
Hmmm, now I'm remembering the conversation House had while under the nitrous gas with the Autistic boy...how perfect people are within the 'circle' and all the freaks are on the outside of said circle. The 'circle people' want to 'fix' those outside the circle and bring them inside...

Ya know, House over the years, taught us everything that we need to know about HUMAN NATURE. Forget about the stupid 'everything I need to know I learned in kindergarten' poster...that is complete crap. Those of us (and I'm assuming that the majority of my favorite authors...like yourself Harpo) that live on the outside of this unseen, but highly felt Circle completely understand this metaphor. Probably why I dig reading what they have to say.

In this moment I'm more happy about living outside the ridiculous circle than I ever have before. Allows me to peak into what COMPLETE MUNDANE EXISTENCE looks like.

Somehow I feel like I'm helping other readers understand what they are reading...Ha, HARPO WHISPERER...HAHAHAHA

7/27/2020 c26 Bakerstreet Blues
Oddly, I'm remembering the conversation between that Idiot Martha Masters and House after Masters tricked the sailing girl's parents into consenting to remove the child's arm. She thought she would feel good about doing that. House told her 'it's not about how YOU feel' it's about doing what's right for the patient. She ended up not being able to put her emotions on the sideline in order to do what was best for the patient and went to the surgical rotation. No one ever realized (except Cameron) that House always did what was best for the patient no matter how it made HIM feel. The fellows, along with Wilson and Cuddy, always thought House was an unfeeling jerk, when in reality he paid the HIGHEST PRICE POSSIBLE to be the best doctor for his patients. We as viewers, were given insight because most of the time House connected with his patients outside of witnesses. He truly was an amazing character.

This scene was so in character of what we as viewers KNOW of House...great writing.

7/26/2020 c21 Bakerstreet Blues
I know you have listened to me say this before...but, Wilson and John House are very much alike. Wilson always assumed the worst of House and treated him to that conclusion.
I just couldn't review the last few chapters because really? what is there to say. Life really can suck at times...

7/26/2020 c9 Bakerstreet Blues
Not completely sure but I think I watched Sally Juniper on CNN NEWS just last night...

Odd how she left her day job as a fictional character in a House MD fanfic to become a slanted journalist reporting all the political correctness that has plagued the world at the moment...hahaha

Harp, it's like your Kreskin or something.

7/26/2020 c8 Bakerstreet Blues

Just curious...did you cry writing each chapter? Cuz DAMN, during this kleenex shortage I'm wasting mine by the pound...Ha.

As always, your writing is a Picasso.

Thank you

7/26/2020 c1 Bakerstreet Blues
Being an American, witnessing all the madness in the world (or maybe it's just insane anger), I needed to inject a HEALTHY DOSE OF RESILENSE IN MAN. This story always reminds me, that with determination and desire, we truly can overcome ANYTHING.

This fiction brings out so many emotions in me (quite a few that I'm SURE are not good...), but it is such an incredible read that I decided to dive in once again.

Thank you for offering up exactly what I needed today...it is so rare to find 'anyone' within my small circle that can or will do this. Because of this Harpo...you are so much better than those I call 'friends'. Not to mention makes me really look at those people and remind myself that taking bad with the good is just part of the deal.

9/1/2019 c85 30Stoneage Woman
Sorry, I accidentally hit send on the last review while trying to login so I wouldn't show up as a guest. I really loved this. I read it way back when it was a WIP and then something reminded me of the Contract-verse and I looked this up again. I was delighted to see it's been completed since I last saw it, and what a beautiful, hopeful ending. The story went to truly dark places, too, like the whole thing with the abortions. I was truly shocked by how horrifying that was. Really enjoyed your Wilson and Evan bromance, too. Great job on this.
9/1/2019 c85 Guest
Really loved this story. It's
1/15/2019 c1 Guest
"We've got a situation here," he heard himself saying to his boss, Jared Eaton. "You remember the House case...? Yeah, well. Didn't think you'd forget it… Well, apparently, Thompson had another victim, a Maureen Adler—Rainie Adler…" He listened to his cell phone as Everson erupted on the other end. "No, sir, we don't know. In prison somewhere. Same kind of thing… yes, hours and hours of recordings… maybe we'll be lucky and find the abuse has stopped since Thompson died."

Remember, we talked about this error. - Angelfirenze, *just giving a friendly nudge*
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