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7/4/2016 c1 87mishy-mo
Interesting story - a little difficult to follow in places though.
6/14/2016 c1 Kano
Nice story, very well written :) but why the M rating?
10/31/2015 c1 Moonflower26
A wonderful very in character story, enjoyed it a lot!

I have two questions however: what happened with Arnello matchmaking efforts, why he didn't show up for the benefit? Why is this fic M-rated?

Actually there is a third question: did you write that sequel you were talking about?
2/24/2014 c1 Bakerstreet Blues
That was AWESOME...You really have the characters 'just right'. It was funny, touching, snarky, and INSIGHTFUL..not to mention, extremely tasteful...really great writing.

I am now going to check your profile to see what other treasures you are hiding there.

6/2/2013 c1 Godslayer221
I found this story shortly after I started looking for House/Cameron stories and I have to say it is still one of my favorite House, M.D. stories out there. It's well written and flows very well.
7/20/2012 c1 6ladybellatrix
aww, thank you for portraying chase as the uber ass he really is!
10/5/2011 c1 DayDreamer077
hmm! I like it. It was cute.
10/3/2011 c1 20Savior Emma Swan
That was phenomenal! Perfect characterization, wonderful humor, and original plot. I almost never do this, but: Please write a sequel! There is so much you could do with this flawless beginning to their quirky relationship. Thank you so much for sharing!
9/24/2010 c1 linelm
Lovely story!
6/27/2010 c1 19Regina lacrimarum
This is a wonderful story, and I have read it several times, but one thing bothers me every time.

You make a big deal out of Chase's creepy possessiveness, but then there's the intern scene, in which House specifically describes Cameron as his. Considering the later remark about the abolition of slavery, it seems inconsistent.

That's really the only problem with this fic, which is a rare find.

Regina lacrimarum
4/19/2010 c1 4CarineM
great story!
2/5/2010 c1 7jpoeling
really liked it and I know this is old but I was wondering if you ever wrote a sequel.
8/16/2009 c1 4hell.bent.wings
I don't know why this story hasn't gotten more reviews.

It's awesome, simply put.
7/6/2009 c1 70Shootingstar7123
This is a great story, though long for a one-shot.

Some lines I especially liked:

'No doubt about it. Even though it had been his idea, she'd tricked him into it somehow. It was all part of her diabolical master plan. He just knew it.'

"I'm an asshole. So far there's no cure."

'House leaned his head back against the headrest and sighed. "Was it good for you, too? Now I need a cigarette."'

Fantastic work!
7/1/2009 c1 2Dear Spiderman
I actually read that entire story in one sitting. Actually, I've been lying down listening to The Wedding's most recent EP on repeat (I think I'm on my 8th time through) the whole time.

But I enjoyed every word. Perfect.
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