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10/20/2013 c11 Guest
This is awesome!I hope sometime in this story that tarantulas will beat the crap out of silver bolt and quickstrike to protect continue,but no tragedies between the couple.
6/21/2011 c11 greenstag
spidacons rule
2/19/2011 c11 4Yawarakai-Bunny
This was soo good :o Update soon pleasse!
6/30/2010 c11 43Coli Chibi
(Begins crying in joy) An update! An honest-to-goodness update!
12/5/2009 c10 Coli Chibi
Awesome job. Thanks for mentioning me and using my ideas!
7/25/2009 c8 11Italian Empress 1985
Possible interference from Silverbolt in the next chapter perhaps?

This is a fun fic. Please continue!
7/17/2009 c7 43Coli Chibi
7/7/2009 c6 11Italian Empress 1985
Oh, how neat! A Tarantulas/Blackarachnia story.

Back when the show was originally on (about a million years ago :p) I watched it religiously and became a serious Blackarachnia fan girl, and I still am. I make no bones about it. BWBlackarachnia was great when she was evil, and I wished they’d kept her that way. Que sera sera, but anyway, her relationship with her ‘maker’ was always a complex one I thought. It is a shame there aren’t more stories about them. People make enough stories about the seekers (Starscream, Skywarp and Thundercracker from the G1 series), writing about a bond because they are all three jets/fliers, so why not more stories about the spiders from Beast Wars? They were the most intelligent of Megatron’s crew, excepting Megatron himself of course, and later Rampage, but I don’t think he counts.

They were my favorite pairing for a while, and I like Starscream/Blackarachnia as well from that one episode ‘Possession’ that he had. I don’t know if Tarantulas ever really got over her or not, he sure had the hots for her right after he saw her. “Be still my spinnerets!” Then he wanted to control her and if she hadn’t nearly offlined both of them he would have kept it that way. He didn’t like her flirting with Quickstrike and when she defected to the Maximals, he attempted to kill her.

I enjoyed reading this a lot. The only thing I would suggest that could be improved is that the ‘confessions of love’ come too soon in the story. The attraction should build between them more, it makes it more exciting for the readers that way. Anyway, good job and I look forward to future chapters! :D
6/27/2009 c5 54Starfire201
Seems like the Vok are stepping things up. Most interesting.
6/20/2009 c4 Starfire201
Seems like the Vok are stepping things up. Nice development of the relationship between BA and Tarantulas.
5/30/2009 c2 Niveas
Always been such a love hate relationship between the two of them, I get the feeling if Tarantulas hadnt burned his bridges with BA she may have worked with him more instead of the maxi group.

Anyways its starting to get interesting. :)
5/30/2009 c2 Starfire201
Quite interesting, and a side of Tarantulas you don't see.
5/29/2009 c1 Starfire201
Can't say I'm a fan of the pairing, to be honest, but this is an interesting start you have here. I'll keep an eye out for it.

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