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for Prelude: The Price for Freedom

10/9/2009 c2 MoonDancer89
Awesome...awesome...AWESOME! I can't wait for the next!
9/25/2009 c8 9rosewhip889
Nice chapter; sweet ass story! Hope you update it soon!
8/26/2009 c8 MoonDancer89
This story is getting good! ^-^ Update soon please! ^O^
6/7/2009 c8 40deathgeonous
Not the most well written fic, but very fun, so good job there. You need to go into more detail here, but other then that, I think you're doing pretty good. So, thanks for writing this, bye for now.
5/31/2009 c6 10DestinyIntertwined
PLease update soon! i almost cried when I saw there wasn't a chapter after this!
5/31/2009 c5 DestinyIntertwined
WOT to the next chapter jam packed with awesomeness -^_^
5/31/2009 c4 DestinyIntertwined
WOT amazing! totally incredible keep up the awesome work!
5/31/2009 c3 DestinyIntertwined
lol when Cloud said When I was little, my mom gave me a kitten. The kitten was a girl, so she named it Anya. You…uh…remind me of my kitten. It was white with chestnut colored spots. And Fair…well, it just randomly popped into my head. It seemed to fit." I was like Bullshit! you were thinking of Zack! lol YaY another brilliant chapter!
5/31/2009 c2 DestinyIntertwined
aw...aerith is so nice for giving her some cloths. I always loved aeriths sweet loving nature! XD anyway another great chapter!
5/31/2009 c1 DestinyIntertwined
holy crap! im really into this story! and hm... a vibrant green light? sounds like the life stream...lol anyway awesome chapter!
5/30/2009 c4 TenshiReike
I like seeing new spins on the story, although I'm not sure is "Anya" played the game in her past life and doesn't remember it, or just plain never played it, although that might not be true as you wrote in chapter 3 that she had memories of all the fantasy books and games she read and played...

lol maybe she wasn't a Final fantasy fan, but even then she should have had some knowledge @.@ o well hope its explained later

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