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for For the Love of Earth

1/3/2010 c8 chimichurri
Nice story!
11/28/2006 c8 som1
Great story! Hope you write another one!
8/23/2006 c8 1Hawaiian-Plumeria
Please write a sequel! I noticed your story is not marked complete on the fanfiction website, you might want to fix tbat. The story was very sweet, it seemed rushed at times, but I really enjoyed it :)

8/22/2006 c7 Hawaiian-Plumeria
Aww, this chapter was really sad! :( I hope everything will be resolved.

8/22/2006 c6 Hawaiian-Plumeria
I hope that Darien won't be angry with Serena when he finds out she's the Moon Princess. I hope he doesn't go to Jupiter and miss Serena's arrival.

8/22/2006 c5 Hawaiian-Plumeria
The ending was so sad, because she had to leave. When will they see each other again?

8/22/2006 c4 Hawaiian-Plumeria
They seem to like kissing, lol :D They're in love :) I hope he doesn't get angry when he finds out she's the Moon Princess.

8/22/2006 c3 Hawaiian-Plumeria
This chapter was so sweet! The story seems a little rushed, but I really enjoyed what I've read so far :)

8/22/2006 c2 Hawaiian-Plumeria
This is a cheery story :) How long will it be until Serena's identity is discovered? I'm glad she contacted her mother and that now her mother knows where to find her. I enjoy reading this story :)

8/22/2006 c1 Hawaiian-Plumeria
Great start! I want to know what happens when Serena wakes up :)

9/22/2003 c8 ying
its wonderful!
5/23/2003 c8 18Ai No Senshi
Oh my gosh!

I stumbled upon this story tonight, and thought to myself, this sounds familiar. That's when I remembered! About a year ago, when I was first starting to write fan fiction, I idolized this story. I pleaded with God to let me write something this good. I just had to review and thank you for becoming part of my inspiration and giving me something to aim for.

Keep writing because you are inspiring,

Ai No Senshi
4/21/2003 c2 Bob the girl
serena is not the smartest criminal in this chapter is the stupidest thing to do when you try to get away with a crime is to call them and "hay whats up ohhya i went to Earth hop u don't mind" unless it is nessinsery and this was not nessinsery + it would have been fun seeing the moon kingdon in chose LOL :):):):):):)
10/9/2002 c8 4Vilranda
that last part was cute. I really liked your story.

Keep writing

7/31/2002 c8 beccamint17
absolutely loved it!

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