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1/26/2014 c1 r.d.-deactivated
I am tearing up right now. Beautiful job. *tears everywhere*
2/24/2013 c1 Guest
"He promised, Hungary. He promised and he took my panties and he promised. What am I going to do without him, Hungary? He promised,"

Nice going Holy Roman Empire 2 thumbs up for you!
12/6/2011 c1 20Zenna95
So... bleeding... sweet! I can't wait to see the next two sections of this, if they ever come to be. Your Hungary is absolutely perfect- a blend of softness and no-nonsense attitude that is entirely her.

Thank you for writing~
10/22/2011 c1 26spacebeyonce
To hear that you won't be doing the Germany-is-HRE-theory is divine. I am so relieved, 'cause I'm kinda tired of seeing that theory everywhere when I read something.

Okay, so, it's been...it's been a while, as I can see. So...you might not update this at all.

BUT. I shall look out for this anyway, 'cause I want to see how this shall end.

Sigh. I want some dark chocolate now. Waaah.
5/10/2011 c1 3TangerineTea
This is beautiful and touching and so, so sweet. I'd love to see more.
1/21/2011 c1 9LikeSynonymsForJoy
That made me want to cry. I am a huuuge cry-er (crier?) when it comes to sad books and such, but never for fanfictions. But this was just so beautifully written, I couldn't help but be upset. I'll be reading a lot of your other stuff. :]
12/1/2010 c1 surxi25
How sweet. And sad. I hope you update this :)
8/20/2010 c1 21PiWrite
awww austria is mad DX
7/6/2010 c1 4Cacow
Ooh, is there other parts? I really like this storyit's so sweet!
11/26/2009 c1 030artastic
Aw! This is a sad story but I love it. Poor Chibitalia and HRE

I love Hungary, she is made of win.

I can't wait for the next chapter! :)
11/15/2009 c1 Anna
Maybe it might really just be because it's "that time of the month", but I'm crying right now D:

It really is sad how HRE perished.
11/9/2009 c1 2Sir Gawain of Camelot
Poor Italy. HRE's fate is a real tear-jerker.

So, is this story-in-three parts ever going to get its second and third parts? Or are they posted separately?

I think you're selling Hungary a bit short. She's more useful on the battlefield than her husband ever was. Back when they were kids, she was Prussia's sworn rival. I believe TVtropes classifies her as a "ninja maid/hot amazon". But yeah, Hungary = major asskicking.
7/21/2009 c1 18Mooncatcher
Really sweet and really beautiful. :)
6/1/2009 c1 mitsumayuchan67890
AWW. You eat chocolate with your brother? thats cute! But i feel really bad for italia, and i, like a pathetic person started crying. but it's really good. write more!
5/31/2009 c1 ringo-juice
all i can say is ..


*hugs hugs chibitalia
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