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9/3 c16 bloodyvalentinejoke
tbh, this is not an enjoyable story.
first is harry... you made him more idiotic and spineless than should ever be necessary. I mean really, he just lets this foreign entity he doesn't really know, and most definitely hasn't invited into his head, run roughshot all over him? I could understand asking it for advice and stuff but giving up control over his body?

then your version of hermione. she was never a damsel in distress. sure, she was in quite a few rough situations, but never as useless as in this story.

sorry, but i'm not reading any further.
7/12 c6 Toffeecat15
only issue with the chapter: Death wasnt sitting on cloud 4
9/22/2019 c20 1firesage101
3/18/2019 c20 SkylerHollow
Fun story, sad to see it seems to be discontinued.
1/9/2019 c14 Guest
I fucking hate hermione
2/17/2018 c20 3LordNemesis
Wonders if you have abandoned this story hope not and I really think old voldy and crew just blue it and a war is comeing that going to end the wizarding world for good.
1/21/2018 c6 hawkeyestratos1996
they broke the elder want lol
11/4/2017 c20 Boss
please contenue
11/4/2016 c20 67019289
Please, please, please update SOON!
6/11/2016 c20 tryliter
REALY! REALLY! GREAT! STORY!but... it's kind of hard to follow I find it hard to follow because you're constantly skipping to tomorrow in different places in settings and it makes it hard and harder to read because I don't understand what's going on I know you're only writing it that way because all scenes are important... but it dosen't flow. (very choppy) follows the story but it makes it hard for the reader to follow if you're constantly switching from one place to another in one chapter it would probably be better if you change setting or one scene such as a Hogwarts scene for one chapter in a digital world scene for the next and makes it hard to follow if there's a difference in each chapter and there's five different places in each chapter and I know it's somewhere that will show an episode but the same time it makes it extremely irritating to the reader I'm not trying to throw fine this is simply an opinion and you don't want to take it to heart I am simply stating how I feel and to me it is true I can barely follow your story and only reason why I continue to read it is because it's really good. something can be fixed about that constantly changing I'm stuck now it's not about you it's not about the story at all and I would love to do something however I am disappointed in the way it's written you and can no longer read it.
5/17/2016 c2 naruto
great chapter keep it up but harry needs his body completely rebuilt from the ground up by fixing his malnourishment, getting rid of any scars or burns of that nature, and any blocks or such things
4/2/2016 c20 draco7347
really love this story cant wait for new chapters
10/14/2014 c20 4Kalladin1989
This is a awesome story. Can't wait till next chapter. I hope this story isn't abandoned.
8/7/2014 c20 WindSailor95
I love this fanfic! Please I beg you to continue it whenever you can! It is amazing! I really imagine Kitmon as a veryyyy coool digimon! Your writing is amazing! :D
7/20/2014 c14 3FierySeraphine
i am not enjoying this fanfic im sorry but hermione is a freaking stupid bloody twit that should die, she left her poor defenceless parents that cant do magic at all alone with enemy's surrounding them,, while harry who is a wizard can protect himself is being helped,, and second of all harry... U ARE FUCKING STUPID LET THE EXPERIENCED DIGIMON HELP OMG... So yeah im not really enjoying it the only characters i like here is hermione's dad who is actually rational and thinks
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