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for The Blessing and the Curse

4/22/2023 c21 Ivy Pattinson
My heart.
4/21/2023 c20 Ivy Pattinson
Holy shit and how can Michael say that about the family she grew up with. WTF MICHAEL!
4/21/2023 c19 Ivy Pattinson
Her epiphany. Finally! Michael, can he just please go lol
4/21/2023 c18 Ivy Pattinson
Why does Michael have the worse timing lol
4/21/2023 c17 Ivy Pattinson
I'm a sobbing mess.
4/21/2023 c16 Ivy Pattinson
More. Always more.
4/21/2023 c15 Ivy Pattinson
This was such a beautiful chapter. I can't properly express everything I want to say. I'm crying from all the emotions and the passion. Beautiful.
4/21/2023 c14 Ivy Pattinson
Ugh they're killing me, but I love it!
4/21/2023 c13 Ivy Pattinson
"All of it... It's you..." My heart.
4/21/2023 c12 Ivy Pattinson
Bring him back Bella. His passion is pure fire and she'll get consumed by it.
4/20/2023 c11 Ivy Pattinson
Ugh he broke her heart but broke his own in the process.
4/20/2023 c10 Ivy Pattinson
Ugh my heart.
4/20/2023 c9 Ivy Pattinson
I'm anxious
4/20/2023 c8 Ivy Pattinson
He's making want to slap him and kiss him at the same time lol
4/20/2023 c7 Ivy Pattinson
My first thought was Mike but maybe Angela?
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