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for The Blessing and the Curse

4/20/2023 c6 Ivy Pattinson
You let him know what on your mind Bella!
4/20/2023 c5 Ivy Pattinson
*fans self* An asshole after my own heart haha
4/20/2023 c4 Ivy Pattinson
Jesus Edward have some decency with your whispered words in my ear. Ugh he's an ass but I think I'd give in, in a second.
4/20/2023 c3 Ivy Pattinson
Shit, damn it.
4/16/2023 c22 ClaceLover08
i love this story it is awesome and I love this series :) & i love Bella & Edward together
4/15/2023 c22 Rita01tx
I was probably too green to realize the importance of leavin' our authors lots of love for the incredibly movin' stories they give us for free! Now that I've reread The Blessing and the Curse after so many years, I'm humbly reminded why this fandom considers it a classic...and a BLESSING!
2/18/2023 c22 The Healing Game
This fanfic… wow seriously wow. I’m not sure if you still read reviews but this is the ultimate Twilight fanfic imo. It’s just perfection, everything about the way you write is seductive, dreamy and oh so painful at times. I can feel myself in the Cullen house, the way you wrote it was so real to me. I come back to this fanfic time and time again, nothing ever compares to it. It’s hauntingly beautiful. Your Edward is so deliciously devilish; it’s not wonder Bella cannot resist him. Their connection - gah so wonderful, beautiful, painful and I cannot help but wish it could be attained in real life. Sigh. I loved the snippets of their adolescence together, I wanted more. I loved how secretly Bella knew her power over him, revelled in it even a little bit… because I get it. If you were in love with this god of a man and he was basically banging every girl in HS but yet you are that someone special for him that no one can touch… and you make him twist in knots. Oh the power she had over him! And then the snippets of their separation… how he prayed to Bella each night… oh wow you worded that whole bit so dreamily, so god damn perfect I wanted to cut it out and stick it on my wall lol.

I did want to know a bit more about Alice, about her motivations behind her and Edwards moment shall we say… like was she after him the whole time? Did she play Bella? It’s really no wonder Bella had so many trust issues. I suppose that’s not the point really, it wasn’t about Alice at all just about Edward pushing Bella further away. But still I can’t help but wonder what her motivations were. Anyway like I said this fanfic is perfect, as much as I would love more I know it ended where it had to. Thanks for sharing your amazing work with us. I shall read it a million times!
1/14/2023 c22 25
wow this was an exhilarating read. i remember when i first read twilight when i was just a tween, bella gaining the ability to allow edward to hear her thoughts, i had wished that she would have been able to read his as well. i feel like you granted my wish, a decade and more after i’d thought it.

i really enjoyed your work. it’s an interesting story you’ve created that i couldn’t put down after i’d started it. thank you for sharing your art with us.

1/13/2023 c21 my.sock.account
Reread for the uptenth time, whenever I need a break in whatever ship I’m on, I will always come back to you. Even tho it’s painful, it’s still amazing! Many thanks and love to you!
11/9/2022 c22 Camila0803
Amo amo amo
10/8/2022 c22 princeselisa
10/6/2022 c22 OpheliaBedelia
Just read this for the second time. I consider it one of the Twilight fanfic classics.
9/15/2022 c22 jmcfall
This is what should have been made into a movie instead of “50 Shadesthis is soooo much better
8/27/2022 c12 majose
I had forgotten how beautifully your writing was despite how tormented this story is.
8/13/2022 c22 Raviyoli
Wow! Such a great story! I love the almost hopeless, desperate dynamic between them. I loved how intense and possessive Edward is, and how everything comes together at the end. I just wish I hadn’t read the huge spoiler the previous reviewer left before I started reading. But even having known that, the story was as addictive as Bella and Edward were to each other. I read this in just a few days. Thank you! Can’t wait to read more of your work!
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