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7/27/2022 c22 CynMar Rom
I know I'm super late to this party, but I just finished reading the whole story and oh sweet Jesus. I hesitated on actually reading this story for a while. While rediscovering my old faves I saw it reccd and I don't regret taking the leap.
These guys are so unique and complex and I just LOVE how she can hear him too at the end.
I do feel a little bad for Michael but gah, it was so good!
Thank you for sharing your awesome work and leaving it here for me to find!
Much love!
7/13/2022 c19 Guest
Oh. Now that I've finished the chapter, I'm just angrier. Break up with Michael, Bella. I don't know why you're torturing yourself. If you're marrying him out of guilt, obligation, and the feeling of security, that's wrong. You should stop pretending that this is what you want because we all know it's not. You'll both hurt yourselves and end up hating each other as times pass by. It's better to choose no one than to choose wrong.

God, this is making me so frustrated.
7/13/2022 c22 yurikonkhr
Well. Finally finished it. There goes my sleep as I cram my final paper tonight after having finished this story instead of studying. This story... was not perfect. It was beautiful, and really something of high quality even if it was only fanfiction. The characters felt alive and the writing is utterly gorgeous. This was a dark twist to Bella and Edward's character and story. I may have to read Wuthering Heights after this to see the parallels in this fic and the canon Twilight (or Eclipse, for that matter).

I didn't love the characters. But I agree that they were well-rounded. In the first few chapters, the writing had drawn me in. I was curious what secrets Bella and Edward held from each other. By the last few chapters, the story has got me very frustrated. I think I might have gone crazy while reading this.

This story was about a series of bad decisions because of the dark, twisted love B and E held for each other... or can we even call it love? Every character had their faults and none were perfect. Obviously, this was far from the escapism that the canon Twilight Saga gives us. Jesus Christ, the canon Bella and Edward's "toxic" relationship pales in comparison to the hot mess that B and E had here.

Anyway, I would've liked to think that B and E of this story would've eventually found a balance between their... love as time pass by. That they would've leatned eventually how to properly handle each other, but I'm not gonna be too hopeful.

I might have to reread the Saga again because this was too dark to what I'm used to when imagining Bella and Edward's love lol.

Overall, I think this fic was a masterpiece and could even be published as an official book. Honestly! Terrific writing. This is basically a gem in the fanfiction world. Author, wherever you are, I hope your creativity would grace this world once more.
7/13/2022 c21 yurikonkhr
ugh. finally. after chapters of indecisiveness, bella finally made a decision! congrats! michael didn't deserve her anyway, with or without edward. i get that it's hard to just shrug out of a life-long commitment but c'mon...
7/13/2022 c19 yurikonkhr
I have so many things I'm angry about this chapter but let's just say that I'm angry at everyone for Michael. I mean I don't think he deserves Bella as I don't think he loves her enough. But he doesn't deserve this kind of treatment when Bella was the one who cheated and when he's just caught in between this madness.

And I really don't think he's wrong to worry about Bella when he's seen the worst of what Edward has done to her (so I'm sorry but fuck you Rose)
7/13/2022 c6 yurikonkhr
I love the author's notes at the end. Alright, here's your review. Didn't expect to like dark!edward, nor get on board with the story. But 3 chapters in, and I was totally hooked. There goes my plan to finish my final term paper tonight
6/28/2022 c22 Guest
I’ve read this 3 times. This is far and away my favorite twilight fic. You write so beautifully
6/20/2022 c1 Lexi GT
My favorite Twilight fan fic. Includes thoughtful plot, characterization, and, of course, spice. Well done!
5/24/2022 c1 KyloRen'sgirl213
I enjoy this work so far so I'll save this and see what other they are
5/19/2022 c1 Savyk1121
So good. So good I can’t even put it into words. This may be my favorite fic of all time. You are incredible.
5/19/2022 c14 Savyk1121
I know I just have to swipe to the next chapter, but this cliffie was just plain cruel
5/19/2022 c7 Savyk1121
Dirty, depraved, dominant. I think I’m in love.
5/19/2022 c6 Savyk1121
I am seriously mentally ill. I cannot get enough of this Edward. Something is decidedly wrong with me.
5/19/2022 c5 Savyk1121
I must be depraved because he is still insanely hot. An asshole, a horrible person, a narcissist, but I’d have said I’d be down in an hour nonetheless.
5/16/2022 c1 JunieMT
It's been a long, long time since I first read this story and maintain it is one of my favs from the early days! One of the top 5 I recommend over and over! I read the Hating Game and saw the movie-loved both! Congratulations to you on becoming a published author! -JunieMT :-)
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