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6/7/2009 c4 4nofeartina
I just read all the chapters, and I really, really like the story. I enjoy dark-ward alot, and can't wait to see what's going to happen (or should I say, how you are going to take them there...? ;))
6/7/2009 c3 1XOXOX Bella XOXOX
gosh, I freakin' LOVE your story! the connection between eddie and bells is so sweet! and that dominant/possessive edward is downright breathtaking! I really hope you'll update soon! even though bella shouldn't let edward push her around like this...^^ poor esme... :(

but you won't make edward cheat on bella, will you? because then I'll totally kick your ass^^


PS: I read 'wide awake' too and it's one of the most beautiful stories ever... *sigh* wish I could write like that...
6/7/2009 c4 LovesTheDark
Excellent story.

Crazy posessive Edward...HOT!

Your a really good writer.

Its on alert.
6/7/2009 c4 yankeerose
This chapter let us get to know more of the dynamic between Edward, Bella and Esme. All complicated and beautiful at the same time. Love your story.
6/7/2009 c4 TLammy
Another excellent chapter. I find the fact he can read her mind fascinating. I'm dying to know the reason. Can't wait for more.
6/7/2009 c4 2rock'n'roll-princess
Your new chapter is amazing as always, and I like your A/N at the bottom. It's enough to make all lazy readers review. Lol, I can't stop smiling. =]
6/7/2009 c4 CullensAreIceCold
oh. =] loving the dark sexy leather clad edward even more so. and i'm suspecting by the end of this FanFic i'll be all over him. in my mind anyways ;)
6/7/2009 c4 S-murderinc
OME edward is so hot :P i love it
6/7/2009 c4 4AngryKitten
Oh My God! He is so tricky!But at least he is honest about it. Poor Bella, Lucky Bella. Having possessive delicious apple scented Edward hell bent on making her his and his alone!I am loving this story, keep it coming! Say Hello to your Pug from me!
6/7/2009 c4 1fastandfuriousbby
Keep up the good work(:

Great story so far.
6/7/2009 c4 2hit-the-duckies
omg mike is a fucker. who the hell tells someone going to visit a dying (practically) relative to 'have a nice time'?

what a hard situation for bella to be in. i mean, here she is, engaged to a nice (enough) guy, and going about life just fine, when esme, someone extremely important to her, wants something so opposite of what she has planned. thats just..pretty hard, cos obviously you dont want to disappoint or let her down... especially since its not like esme just wants a tiny favor, you know? she wants her and edward to be together, and even if she werent engaged, edward wouldnt be making it any kind of possibiility with his his douchebaggery.

and poor edward. i think hes pretty fuckered up, and he may not even know it. i dont think he knows what he thinks or feels and hes all kind of confused. but i have hope for him. hes still a smirking asshole, in the best way possible. like, "“We fit together well, don’t we?”" i was just picturing bellas face, being like...yes, we do, you fuckface. now put me down!


great chapter. me likey.

also, i know yerr beta and i heart her somethin fierce. ;D
6/6/2009 c3 S-murderinc
can't wait for next chapter. i love this
6/6/2009 c3 XX123XX
WOW!It was fun reading!Can't wait for more!Please update quickly..
6/6/2009 c3 CullensAreIceCold
gave me shivers :).

this is honestly one of the sexiest Edwards I've read about. He seems far more danerous and sinister. but it's a good thing :)
6/5/2009 c3 jujubean505
wow that last chapter was good. UPDATE SOON!
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