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for The Blessing and the Curse

6/5/2009 c3 PixieSticks517
I can't wait for the next chapter! I know edward will be mad but i wander what he'll say to her! :)
6/5/2009 c3 2hit-the-duckies
wow. i can already tell you that this review is not going to adequately give you feedback because i dont really know what to say. i think this chapter was pretty revealing, even though the whole situation hasnt been laid out completely. we still get to see though the relationship between edward and bella, and where its strained because of him doing alice and maybe bella being with other guys (and now planning to marry one), and other things.

"She would never be a Cullen. Once Esme died, the remaining Cullens wouldn’t want her anymore, and she would be alone. "

and that was just sad.

also, i like this part:

"The worst thing about having a best friend like Edward had been that he was simultaneously her worst enemy."

because no matter how hot someone is, that doesnt make them perfect, and it doesnt make them perfect for you. i like that you clear that away here, so we know that this will be more realistic and that things wont be all sunshine and rainbows, as it shouldnt be, because, well, when is life ever sunshine and rainbows? haha

anyways, i am really liking this story so far and i look forward to the next chapter. :)
6/5/2009 c3 Fearofcheri
please update very soon, your story is so enthralling! i'm feeling some Heathcliff in Edward, im not sure if that is your intention but i am loving the darkness. please keep it coming.
6/5/2009 c3 1LadyMiss
haha I got so excited seeing it was updated.

I really love the descriptions. Edward's suits the picture your trying to portray, m Edward in a leather jacket. I really imagined Bella trying to be indifferent but unable to toward Edward. And how that scene sort of plays out like the whole 'i know your a vampie' scene in twilight.

You've also included little tid-bits about their past, which always keeps me guessing! I love the flash back/mystery sort of thing.

Keep going! Please update soon, you are doing so so SO well!
6/5/2009 c3 yankeerose
Your story is so unusual. Loving it...
6/5/2009 c3 TLammy
Wow, I have to admit you have me so very curious. I can't wait for the longer chapters and more of an explanaton ;) Good job!
6/5/2009 c3 2Lavianca
you're an unbelievably, amazing writer your story and plot line seems interesting, i hope you continue this story and update frequently.
6/2/2009 c2 1fanboymike
This is a really great story so far.

The description of both action and emotion is fantastic.

I'm eagerly looking forward to the next installment!
6/2/2009 c2 S-murderinc
great chapter even though I don't like third povs
6/1/2009 c2 2hit-the-duckies
wow this story is really intriguing already.

like..the only defect i can see is that it only has two chapters, and i want to read more!
6/1/2009 c2 yankeerose
I am loving this so far.
6/1/2009 c2 PixieSticks517
I like this story alot! I am kinda of confused about one little thing, is bella engaged to someone?
6/1/2009 c2 Ebhid
Interesting start. I am looking forward to following this story.
6/1/2009 c2 mrstveit17
this story is soo interesting! please update again soon cuz i really want to find out more about what exactly is going! You are a great writer!

please please update soon!


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