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1/15/2016 c1 3mckydstarlight
1/9/2011 c1 16amyblair
I have to tell you, I'm a nurse and I've been on many a death bed with a person who suddenly will say, "George?" to the corner of the room or will claim that they are seeing their mother come to the door. But one time I was bending over a patient who was really close to death and as I was standing up, she suddenly grabbed my shirt and jerked me back down and said, "Please don't leave me. You look so kind but the two men behind you have monster faces. Don't let me go with them."

I actually looked behind me just to be sure there wasn't anybody there. I told her I didn't see anybody but she said they'd been there all day. She died the next day. I hope they didn't make her go with them.
10/2/2009 c1 13TheKritty
"not better" ? Oh man!*shakes head* That was AWESOME!My heart hurts and I have tears in my eyes and I really really wanna read a sequel to this or a scene like that in one of your fanfiction (yeah, did you finally notice it?You got a new fan in me here!*waves wildly*)... oh Dean...*being all teary*

Did I mention how awesome this was?Incredible short and sad and tragic and heartbreaking but so so so full of brotherly love and hurt!Dean (*smiles*), I loveloveloved it.

-squee- (yeah, ok, enough with the squeeing already, i know.)

6/23/2009 c1 122KatyMM
Oh, that was just heart-breaking! "Sam went cold" - terrific line. And terrific atmosphere.
6/22/2009 c1 27Shannanigans
I liked it. I think you should do a longer version!
6/20/2009 c1 9rockyshadow
It has to be bad if Dean can see Mary. I hope Sam got him to focus on returning to him.
6/9/2009 c1 84LamiaJade
That was awesome! Love it!

Thanks for sharing!

6/3/2009 c1 123Twinchy
Awesome and tense!

Actually, I don't know if 'not looking' really does the trick but he might as well try...
6/2/2009 c1 71LivingForTv
Well, I am gonna go with the title on this one and consider it to be SAM calling! And so Dean has to STAY! So there, just hang in there and you can do happy. Look, I will go to your page and read something and leave a review. Happier? :-)
6/2/2009 c1 50J.A. Carlton
dark and deftly done! in short... nice! :D Sad but good.
6/2/2009 c1 217Micaiah
What do you mean "not better"...I thought that was pretty dang good!
6/2/2009 c1 29bayre
I liked!
6/1/2009 c1 94JenF
OMG - that was fabulous. Dean seeing Mary, Sam trying to keep him focussed, yes it was dark but it was great!
6/1/2009 c1 77sweetysmart0505
OMG! THat was simply amazing! The Light! Sam getting all worried and Dean seeing mom! Amazing! Great job!
6/1/2009 c1 134SophieSaulie
Another lovely suffering moment brought you by Thru Terry's Eyes. LOVED it! Short, sweet, effective and oh so sad!

Fav. Part (there always is one, hee!):

Dean drifted on a sea of pain killers, heart monitor beeping an erratic rhythm in time with his shallow breaths, his attention focused on a point past Sam's right shoulder.

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