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for Unforgivable Act

2/11/2015 c11 Treestar2509
Interesting ending. Bella's paper was well written and so real. I wish there was more. I enjoyed reading your story. Thank you for sharing it with us.
2/11/2015 c10 Treestar2509
It's sad in seems that in a way she is blaming herself. In every relationship there are "Unforgivable Acts." It would be really hard to fix this. Even if it's no ones fault. They both should probably be in counseling and Edward shouldn't be pressuring her to intimate with him. It would take time.
2/11/2015 c9 Treestar2509
I did not see that happening. Wow! I can understand why Bella is struggling. It wouldn't be easy to go back. I know it wasn't his fault, but there were things he could have done to prevent it. In the end, he was able to push her out the door. And he really should be pressing charges for sexual assault. This is going to be hard to get over. So sad.
2/11/2015 c8 Treestar2509
They are so cute.
2/11/2015 c7 Treestar2509
I love his family. Beautiful ending. Edward's words were profound and loving. Well done.
2/11/2015 c6 Treestar2509
I think it sweet that he wants her to meet his parents. It shows how serious he is.
2/11/2015 c4 Treestar2509
What a perfect date. It seems like Edward has really changed.
2/11/2015 c2 Treestar2509
It seems Edward has turned over a new leaf. I guess sometimes it just takes the right girl.
2/11/2015 c1 Treestar2509
Wow! What a jackass. I can't wait to see how this all works out.
11/13/2014 c11 6missmelly
I love this story. Was Edward raped?
9/17/2014 c11 Riam
Dear I G,
This was a great story. I knew I would like it, because your " Some things that will turn me right off of a fanfic" made my day.
I'm not a native speaker, although with seven nationalities the common language in our family is English, but your comments on grammar and common use of the language certainly hit a nerve. I thoroughly enjoy FF. It is pretty wonderful to read so many stories of talented writers just for free. But sometimes I get annoyed with the use of boring, repetitive story twists or plane, wrong use of said language. I should not criticise, I could not write a simple story myself. My English is far from faultless. But reading your criticism was liberating and funny.
Thank you for that and thank you for a great story, I'm looking forward to reading your other one.
I hope your muse keeps visiting you, I 'd love reading more of your stories.
9/14/2014 c1 Lafemmevegeta
Apology in order! I made a comment at the end of the final chapter and asked if you are reading your reviews. Sorry about that. I actually have read and left comments on a previous author like 40 stories and forgot I am on a new author's page. Sorry again.
9/14/2014 c11 Lafemmevegeta
Good story about trust and intimacy. Thought there was another chapter to actually finalize where the relationship progresses but this was good. Are you even still reading these reviews...just wondering.
10/31/2013 c11 Saguenay
Very touching chapter, it brought tears to my eyes when Bella read to Edward her thoughts. I loved the mature characters and the fact that the story was not too long because it was sad to see them hurt. Thank you.
7/27/2013 c11 Guest
Mayhap farkle will finish her fics too now huh?
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