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for Rei's Present 2 L

10/1/2009 c2 2NemesisZero
Funny, I actually expected Asuka to be the present right from the start. The whole thing with the lizard threw me for a loop so that I was actually suprised again in chapter 2.
6/15/2009 c2 2xiar
Nicely done. :) ReixAsuka, MayaxMisatoxRitsuko and ShinjixKaworu pairing is wonderful... i like them... more chapters coming?
6/1/2009 c1 233gunman
Interesting story.

I wouldn't have thought of anyone getting Rei a pet, let alone a monitor lizard, like Shinji and Misato did.

Then again, it's about as exotic a pet as you can get, next to a penguin.

Pretty funny to read, especially the way Rei isn't really phased by the bitting and clawing the lizard does to her.

But puppies and kittens are almost the same way.

Write on!

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