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9/27/2013 c1 48writergirl3005
Made me smile. Thank you for such a lovely story. It was so sweet of Mac to give Stella a kitten.
7/27/2013 c1 6Daisy1966
Wow! This is so cute and fluffy, but more than that; it is so romantic, sweet and breathtaking. I love all the details you put in here, especially Mac brought a kitten for Stella, because it shows how much Stella means to him, how deeply he cares about her and loves her. The idea of a kitten visiting Stella's apartment was wonderful, but it was so sad to see Stella disappointed with the kitten not turning up anymore. But aww! Mac was really adorable in here. It was so nice of Mac to go out of his way and get another kitten for her! I love his sweetness so much!

My absolute favorite part is this: Suddenly, she raised her head and fixed Mac with a thoughtful stare, "We've forgotten something."

He frowned, puzzled, "What?"

"Something important." Pointing at the sleeping kitten, who had accompanied them to the living room, still ensconced in his bed, Stella continued, "He has a home, he has people who love him, but he doesn't have a name. We have to think of one. Any ideas?"

Mac looked at the round, chocolate brown body of the kitten, and then at the packet of moon pies that still sat on the coffee table, and he grinned, "I think so..."

Stella followed his gaze and beamed, "Perfect!"

As her lips joined his, Mac could only agree.

I enjoyed and loved this so much! Thank you so much for sharing this amazing story! :)
9/30/2012 c1 aurorawinter
The simplicity of this story, is what I like the most. I never imagine someone like Mac worries over something like giving cat even though he gives it to Stella. It intrigues me how you're going to write it, how you make Mac handle the situation. Stella making the first move is as I expected. I'd like to see Mac makes the first move but it feels not too OOC of Stella does it first.

Great job, as usual. Flawless. Keep on going and I'll just keep reading.
6/19/2011 c1 106lannistersdebt
Okay, well Lily, you already know that I love your work a lot :) And seeing as the only things of yours that I haven`t read so far are the 'Old West' things... Yeah, means I REALLY like you!

I think this is one of my favorites that you have written. That may be because I`m such an animal lover, I`m not sure. In any case, I think it`s really sweet! Especially how Mac sneaks the kitten in in a cake box. Just adorable.
11/14/2010 c1 303BrokePerception
This served for a very good Sunday afternoon read. I LOVE the level of description in this story. Seems I have called too soon by picking on your earlier stories. If you would read my first CSI:Miami ones... Ugh. You serve as a very good example that even though you might be good, there's ALWAYS room for improving. You might get dazed by how easy very good can become wonderful. ;)
5/3/2010 c1 25smut1956
Cute and fluffy much like the kitten, perfect antidote for blah Monday. So thanks for that, Mac is a little out of character but I can live with that since he's in love and thinking of Stella's happiness.

Thanks for sharing.

1/25/2010 c1 Guest
It would have been "Nice" if it wasn't so OOC ...
11/29/2009 c1 131Artemisdesari

*is surrounded by warm fuzzies*

You know, that's the fluffiest cutest thing I've read in ages! I'd forgotten how much I love this pairing and I love the way that the writing just sucked me right into the moment.
10/19/2009 c1 24Elizabeth Perry
One of my favorite Smacked one-shots.
9/17/2009 c1 14Confusedknight
AW! I'm grinning like a total loon right now because that was, without doubt, the SWEETEST piece of fanfiction I've ever read! Mac...kitten...Stella -gabbles incoherently- :D :D :D

I'm sure I've said it before but I LOVE the way that you characterise Mac. He had just the right amount of hesitancy and calmness and...HE BOUGHT HER A KITTEN! I'm glad he was well rewarded for his gift...I wish someone would give me a kitten ;( How is Lily your cat these days?

I am glad you explained what moon pies were though...I had been wondering... :P x
8/31/2009 c1 7shortcake2
I really liked this, the kitten was cute.
8/18/2009 c1 9Melpomene Lee
M, some nice, cuddly fluff. Perfect for after dark when I'm tired, kind of in pain and not willing to face tomorrow. KITTEN! I LOVE KITTENS, and I can totally see Stella loving them, too!
6/18/2009 c1 8Andie24
OMG! That made me smile so much. You make me love the idea of Stella and Mac together even more.

The whole plot was brillant. I love the way you introduced the first cat. It was so well written. The way you incorporated the title was clever too. All in all, another amazing story from you. I can't wait for more!

6/16/2009 c1 8missgaley
Ooh, what a pleasant surprise for my first day back from hiatus! The kitten sounds like my friend's cat Petey. So cute. Lovely to see some fluff from you. And I agree with Stella: if I were ever to invite Mac to dinner, he'd better bring cake.

Joce x
6/12/2009 c1 25temporary relief
I apologize for my lateness. And I'm going to say it now but *coughOldWestcough* Anyway, I did like this. It took a while for it to grow on me. Not to be too blunt but it just didn't agree with me the first time, but I was in a bit of a bad mood anyway because I did really enjoy it. It was fantastic.

I did enjoy the anecdote about the kitten. I really like cats. Not as much as dogs but that's a whole other story.

Poor Stella having to deal with the kitty leaving. But it was nice of Mac to go out of his way and get that other cat. I bet it will outgrow its stomach XD I guess he just likes food (like Flack :D).

Mac's motives were quite funny in this. Poor guy just wants a kiss. Once again it proves that he is just a guy after all. He just doesn't talk as much as other guys.

So anyway, I really liked this one shot. Hope you have a great day! Thanks for writing this! XD
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