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for An Unusual Case

1/27 c65 Zxanath
Just found this story and loved it. Lost a lot of sleep trying to read it straight through. It really read so NCIS at Hogworts. I could 'see' Gibbs when he spoke and everyone was spot on in their dialog. Really a great job on the whole. Thanks for your hard work and good luck on future writing. One small error I caught was the use of the word TOE - a part of the foot when you really should have used TOW - to bring along Just a constructive help I hope.
11/27/2023 c65 15PyromaniacSchizophrenic
I read this for the first time back my sophomore year of high school (over ten years ago!) and I tell you, it never left my mind. my roommates and I have been rewatching NCIS lately, and the story was rocketed to the forefront of my mind. it holds up! I had a great time rereading this!
6/15/2023 c65 wandamarie
thank you
6/15/2023 c64 wandamarie
thank you
6/15/2023 c63 wandamarie
oh my goodness thank you on to the next chapter thanks oh why is Mongolian being a witch but group the w and put the bin stead of the w
6/15/2023 c62 wandamarie
holy cow poo getting good
6/15/2023 c61 wandamarie
thank you
6/15/2023 c60 wandamarie
thank you
6/15/2023 c59 wandamarie
thank you
6/15/2023 c58 wandamarie
wow getting good
6/15/2023 c57 wandamarie
thank you
6/15/2023 c56 wandamarie
getting good thanks
6/15/2023 c55 wandamarie
thank you for the story so far keep
6/15/2023 c54 wandamarie
thank you
6/15/2023 c53 wandamarie
thank you
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