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for An Unusual Case

5/5/2017 c65 geekymom
I loved it. You kept me enthralled through the whole story.
4/5/2017 c65 gerrylynnr
Great story. Awesome writer.
10/6/2016 c4 SmolWriter
"""I suppose I could use one of the other 18 methods of killing with a paperclip, but I am fairly certain you would prefer method 13!" Ziva continued advancing slowly towards her colleague."""

Oml I can't stop smiling, this is my favorite part
9/27/2016 c65 36Eagle Dreamer
I loved it
8/7/2016 c41 1SanityIsOverratedXD
This is probably my fifth or sixth time reading this fix, it's one my favorites along with your Teacher's Notebook fics. Anyway, something I've always been curious about is who is the "new ghost"? My guess has always been Penelope since she was a Ravenclaw and the Grey Lady is the Ravenclaw ghost. Just something I've been wondering and was hoping you could answer.
6/27/2016 c1 jakegarrett94
Im intrigued please tell me you have either finished or plan to finish this
3/1/2016 c65 mother oracle
Really lived this story! Took me several days to read it, but it was well worth it. Bravo! - - - Naj (aka Mother Oracle)
PS: More please?
12/30/2015 c65 Ice Demon Ranger
I loved this story! Laughter, tears galore. Most definitely very well written. It was brilliantly plotted and flowed easily. Making this one of my favorites. And most probably one I will read again.
Thank You for sharing this wonderfully written tale.
12/29/2015 c1 Ice Demon Ranger
WOW! What a beginning.
12/14/2015 c22 5lilacwaffles
I think the answer to the riddle is either a phoenix or Voldemort
12/14/2015 c21 lilacwaffles
lol your a/n,s are hilarious
12/14/2015 c19 lilacwaffles
grr I did get the song stuck in my head but its ok
12/14/2015 c15 lilacwaffles
I agree about the movie but I am 11 so what do I know well a lot like murder cases and problem solving in real life but yea
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