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for An Unusual Case

4/4/2015 c21 Guest
I love the fanfic. I'm writing my own Attack on Titan fanfic.
4/4/2015 c1 Guest
This is great already. :)
1/22/2015 c5 Chantilly's Mom
ok I"ll leave a review even though it's years late since I just found this story today. So far I can see a very good blending of NCIS and HP. I chose the story because I love both of the series and am looking forward to a really good read. Be happy, people are still reading after 5 years.
1/21/2015 c1 Chantilly's Mom
Hi Just found your site and started reading. I love harry potter and ncis and think this just may be a good least it's starting out that way. don't know what's going on with your life; hope you're through college and into a good job and don't forget about writing.
1/10/2015 c65 snowflake93
not what i was expecting in the story but that being said i loved the story it kept me wanting to keep reading :)
12/12/2014 c26 jdizzles
You sir are brilliant it reads like a nice episode, with all the twists and turns involved with it
12/4/2014 c65 Netchka
Wonderfull story. I love NCIS and Harry Potter crossover fic.
12/4/2014 c58 Netchka
Crookshanks is a good and smart cat.
12/4/2014 c55 Netchka
Damm. Who is this creep? Malfoy?
12/3/2014 c35 Netchka
Are we sure Mrs. Norris is a real cat? I wonder sometimes.
12/3/2014 c34 Netchka
We all know that Snape is an idiot. He doesn't like Gryffs because of The Marauders.
12/3/2014 c31 Netchka
Good chapter. Onto the next.
12/2/2014 c21 Netchka
Good chapter. Onto the next.
12/2/2014 c9 Netchka
Don't cry! Great chapter.
12/2/2014 c6 Netchka
Good chapter, onto the next one.
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