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11/13/2013 c63 32Dark-Supernatural-Angel
Whoa...wasn't the killer once of Cedric's 'friends' that Tony and McGee met when they were raiding the library for Ziva's books when she was missing?

I loved to see the team outsmart the killer! The previous chapter just had him succeeding all too easily in the short amount of time shown.
11/13/2013 c61 Dark-Supernatural-Angel they went to the ball while expecting the killer to strike again? How is that good?
Also how did the ending of last chapter link up with this one? I feel like I'm missing something here.
11/13/2013 c60 Dark-Supernatural-Angel
Those interrogations were fantastic! I definitely got the intimidating vibe off of them!
11/13/2013 c59 Dark-Supernatural-Angel
Yay for the lead! I love how that just lifted the team's spirits. I hope it'll stick (and that it's correct).

Great story!
11/13/2013 c55 Dark-Supernatural-Angel
I really like that the killer is furious with Gibbs' Team's ability to stay alive after everything he threw at them.

I hope Ziva has gotten some of her memory back by now.
11/13/2013 c54 Dark-Supernatural-Angel

The team is having no luck at all!
11/13/2013 c52 Dark-Supernatural-Angel
OMG! Ziva has amnesia?! I wasn't expecting that!

Yikes for that bomb scare!
11/13/2013 c43 Dark-Supernatural-Angel
Oh...that was fantastic!
11/12/2013 c37 Dark-Supernatural-Angel
I'm still stunned that the agents were able to pick up on how to fly a broom so quickly.
11/12/2013 c35 Dark-Supernatural-Angel
Progress has been made for Tony and Ziva's missions...I love it!
11/12/2013 c34 Dark-Supernatural-Angel
Abby was outstanding! The new hero!
11/12/2013 c33 Dark-Supernatural-Angel
I just had to comment...George's interrogation was amusing!

I can't wait to see Tony and Ziva carry out their new assignments. :D
11/7/2013 c65 Irina Marenco
YOU deserve the e-ice cream cake - the story is very nice. Thanks for sharing!
10/27/2013 c65 Guest
Not a crossover I've thought about before, but I liked it! Good plot, well executed. The only thing I found disappointing was the use of an OC as the bad guy, I think you could perhaps have had an even greater impact with an existing character. That aside though, I really enjoyed this.
10/10/2013 c34 2Spirit of the Knight
... Seriously? People are complaining that the characters are being OOC on Fanfiction? Of course it's going to be OOC.

Anyways I love the story and I think that everyone's in character! But if people are going to complain about it being OOC they should just watch the original show and movies instead of reading Fanfiction.
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